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How old was Justin Bieber when he had his first tattoo made?
In which Tattoo parlour did Justin Bieber get his very first tattoo?
In 2011, Justin Bieber and his dad got matching tattoes. What did they say?
Justin Bieber has a tattoo that reads "Yeshua". What does it mean?
In December 2011 pictures started showing up in the press where you could just about see a new tattoo on Justin Bieber's left leg. What was the tattoo depicting?
Justin has a tattoo of Jesus. Where on his body is it?
What is the name of Justin Bieber's singing teacher?
What is "Mama Jan" to Justin Bieber?
Who is Justin Bieber's secret ingredient, according to his manager Scooter?
Who is Kenny Hamilton to Justin Bieber?
What is the name of Justin Bieber's road manager who failed his driving test three times?
What happened on 23 November 2009 when Justin Bieber warmed up the audience ahead of a Taylor Swift concert?
In which city did Justin Bieber break his foot during a concert?
During whose concert on 23 November 2009 did Justin Bieber break his foot?
Where was Justin Bieber performing when he broke his foot?
In 2011, Justin Bieber was involved in an episode involving a black Ferrari. What was it?
Justin's maternal grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, made it into the papers in December 2011. Why?
Some of Justin Bieber's family members weere involved in a car crash in December 2011. Who?
In November 2011, the world started discussing whether Justin Bieber was the father of a newborn baby. What was the name of the baby's mother?
Autumn 2011, Mariah Yeater's relationship with Justin Bieber became a hot topic. Why?
In connection with which episode did Justin publicly say: "I know that I´m going to be a target, but I´m never going to be a victim"
What is Justin Bieber's idea of a nightmare date?
How does Justin Bieber describe his first date?
What was the name of the restaurant where Justin Bieber went for his first ever date?
What did Justin Bieber eat on his first ever date?
How old was Justin Bieber when he went on his first real date?
When did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez first officially out themselves as a couple?
During which event did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez first officially out themselves as a couple?
The Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2011 was the first official outing for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as a couple. Where does the party take place?
Justin Bieber starred in a concert film from 2011. What is the name of the film?
When was the world release of Justin Bieber's film "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never"?
Who directed Justin Bieber's concert film "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never"?
What is the name of Justin Bieber's singing dobbelt-ganger who participated in "America's Got Talent" in 2011?
During "America´s Got Talent" in 2011, Justin Bieber's dobbelt-ganger sang "What The Hell". It's a copy of one of Justin's songs. Which one?
What did Justin Bieber get for his 16th birthday?
When Justin participated in Ellen DeGeneres' show in connection with his 18th birthday, he was surprised to receive a car as a birthday gift. Which car did he get?
On his 18th birthday, Justin Bieber got a car from Usher and his manager "Scooter". He also got a very special present from his fans. What was it?
On 1 March 2012, Justin Bieber's "Beliebers" set a world record in the category "Most Social Media Messages in 24 Hours". How many messages were sent?
During the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on 1 March 2012, Justin Bieber revealed the title of the first single of his upcoming album. What is the single called?
Which of Justin's albums contains the single "Boyfriend"?
Which Justin Bieber song was originally called "Sex Together" and was performed by Travis Garland?
Who does Justin Bieber perform with on "Never Say Never"?
Which of the following songs does Justin Bieber sing with Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith?
With whom did Justin Bieber present the "Best New Artist" award during the Grammy Awards in 2010?
Who was by Justin Bieber's side during the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles?
What is the name of this vegetable?
What is the name of this vegetable?
What is the name of this vegetable?
Choose the correct lyrics
Who played Charles Chaplin in the 1992 film 'Chaplin'?
Who directed the film 'Sherlock Holmes' from 2009, starring Robert Downey Jr.?
Who plays opposite Robert Downey Jr. in the film 'The Soloist' from 2009?
Which film was Heath Ledger's last?
Who plays Heath Ledger's father in the 2001 film 'Monsters Ball'?
Which film gained Heath Ledger his first Academy Award nomination?
What is the name of Michael Bay's first film?
Who directed the film "The Rock" from 1996?
Who plays the female lead in Michael Bay's 1996 film "The Island"?
Who does Colin Farrel star opposite in Joel Schumacher's "Phone Booth" from 2002?
Who directed "The Number 23", starring Jim Carrey?
Who plays the lead role in Joel Schumacher's "Falling Down" from 1993?
Which film was Paul Newman's last, not counting cartoons?
Which film gained Paul Newman his first Oscar nomination?
Who plays Luke in "Cool Hand Luke"?
Which nationality is Eric Bana's character in the 2005 film "Munich"?
Who plays Orlando Bloom's brother in the 2004 film "Troy"?
In which city was the Hollywood actor Eric Bana born?
Who plays Ewan McGregor as old in the 2003 film "Big Fish"?
In which film was Albert Finney directed by Sidney Lumet?
For his supporting role in which film did Albert Finney receive an Oscar-nomination?
How many official motion feature films have been produced based on Stephen King novels as of 2011?
Who plays the female lead in Stephen King's "The Shining" from 1981?
Who directed "The Green Mile", based on a Stephen King novel?
Who plays the right hand of Jim Carrey in the 1996 film "Man on the Moon"?
Who directed the Oscar nominated 2004 film "Sideways", staring Paul Giamatti?
Which actress plays opposite Paul Giamatti in the 2005 film "Cinderella Man"?
Who plays "Cyrus the Virus" in the 1997 film "Con Air"?
In which film does John Malkovich play opposite both George Clooney and Brad Pitt?
Which Steven Spielberg film features John Malkovich?
Who plays the mafia boss Falcone in "Batman Begins" from 2005?
Which actress plays opposite Tom Wilkinson in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?
In the film "Shakespeare in Love", the actor Tom Wilkinson plays a theatre director. In the film, this character gets a role in a theatre play to play a person of which profession?
Who plays Hawkeye Pierce in the film "M*A*S*H" from 1970?
Which 2011 film by Seth Gordon features Donald Sutherland?
Who stars opposite Donald Sutherland in the 1991 film "Backdraft"?
Who directed "The Shawshanks Redemption", featuring Tim Robbins in the lead role?
In 1996, Susan Sarandon won an Oscar for Best Female in a leading role. Who directed the film for which she won?
In which American city does the 2003 film "Mystic River", featuring Tim Robbins, take place?
Who plays Mahatama Gandhi in the 1982 film "Gandhi"?
Which actress plays opposite Ben Kingsley in the 2003 film "House of Sand & Fog"?
Which film maker does Ben Kingley portray in the 2011 film "Hugo", directed by Martin Scorsese?
Who plays the main character in the 2001 film "Hollow Man"?
In the 2011 film "Crazy, Stupid, Love", Kevin Bacon plays opposite Steve Carrol, amongst others. Who played the female lead?
Who does Kevin Bacon play opposite in the 1994 film "The River Wild"?
Which David Lynch film has Willem Dafoe on the role list?
Who plays the title role in Martin Scorsese's "The Last Temptation of the Christ" from 1989?
Who directed "Spiderman" from 2002, featuring Willem Dafoe in the role as the "Green Goblin"?
Which jobs does Benicio del Toro hold in the film "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" from 1998?
For his role in which film did Benicio del Toro win an Academy Award?
Who plays the male lead in Susanne Bier's "Things We Lost in the Fire" from 2007?
"Unbreakable", "The Sixth Sense" and "The Village" are all directed by M. Night Shyamalan. They are also all set in the same US state. Which one?
Who directed "The Last Airbender" from 2010?
Who plays the female lead in "Lady in the Water", directed by M. Night Shyamalan?
Which film landed John Huston an Oscar for Best Director?
Who plays the lead role in John Huston's "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" from 1948?
Who directed the film "The Maltese Falcon", by many considered the first in the Film Noir genre?
Which film was Morgan Freeman's first?
Who plays the driver in the 1989 "Driving Miss Daisy"?
For his role in which film did Morgan Freeman win his first Oscar?
What destiny does Gwyneth Paltrow's role suffer in the 1995 film "Se7en"?
Who plays Robert Downey Jr.'s assistant in the film "Iron Man"?
In Gwyneth Paltrow's second film she plays a role first seen in a Disney cartoon. Which film is it?
In which city was the film director Kar Wai Wong born?
Who directed the film "In the Mood For Love", which takes place in Hong Kong?
What does the title "2046" refer to in Wong Kar-Wai's 2004 film?
Who wrote and directed the film "Romance & Cigarettes" from 2005?
How many Spike Lee-films did John Turturro star in in the period 1989-2008?
Which colour does John Turturro's character in the film "The Big Lebowski" have a penchant for?
Which film is Kevin Costner's debut as a director?
Which historic event does "Thirteen Days", in which Kevin Costner plays the American president's adviser, cover?
Who plays the lead role in Brian De Palma's "The Untouchables" from 1987?
How many roles does Peter Sellers have in the 1964 film "Dr Strangelove"?
Who plays the lead role in "The Pink Panther"?
Peter Sellers was Oscar-nominated for his role in "Being There", but didn't win. Another actor did win for his role in the same film, however. Who?
Who directed the 1969 film "Easy Rider"?
Which David Lynch film features Dennis Hopper?
Which film was Dennis Hopper's first?
Which film won Sydney Pollack an Oscar for Best Motion Feature?
Who directed the 1982 film "Tootsie", starring Dustin Hoffman?
Which film became Sydney Pollack's last as a director?
Which natonality was David Lean?
For which film did David Lean win his first Academy Award for Best Director?
Who directed the 1984 film "A Passage to India"?
Who plays the lead role in Alan Parker's "Pink Floyd - The Wall" from 1982?
Who directed "The Commitments" from 1991?
Who plays Evita in Alan Parker's 1996 film of the same name?
In which city does the 1972 film "Cabaret", directed by Bob Fosse, take place?
Who directed "All That Jazz" from 1979?
Bob Fosse wrote a novel based on his memories of his hometown Chicago. It was later turned into a film. What was the name of the book?
Who plays the lead role in Alfred Hitchcock's "North By Northwest" from 1959?
How many films directed by Anthony Mann feature the actor James Stewart?
What is the profession of James Stewart's character in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"?
Who plays the bad guy in "Unbreakable" from 2000?
By 2012, in how many of Quentin Tarantino's films has Samuel L. Jackson featured?
Which Martin Scorsese film features Samuel L. Jackson?
Who directed "The Shawshank Redemption"?
Who plays the prison director in Frank Darabont's 1999 drama "The Green Mile"?
Which film starring Jim Carrey was directed by Frank Darabont?
For which film did Robin Williams win an Oscar?
Which talented actor played opposite Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society" from 1989?
Which American president does Robin Williams portray in the film "Night At The Museum" from 2006?
What is the name of John Travolta's character in the 1978 film "Grease"?
Who directed John Travolta's second film, "Carrie", from 1976?
Who plays General Quintard in the 1998 film "The Thin Red Line"?
Which famous actress plays opposite Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" from 1942?
Which film director was Ingrid Bergman married to?
Ingrid Bergman won three Oscars in her career. Who directed the film "Murder On The Orient Express", for which she won her third and last Oscar?
Robert Redford established the film festival Sundance. In which American state does this even take place every year?
Who plays opposite Brad Pitt in the 2001 film "Spy Game"?
To which country to the two main characters in the film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" elope?
A couple of years after his debut on "Saturday Night Live", Adam broke through on the big screen in 1995. What was the name of the film?
Adam Sandler can be seen in the 2007 film "Reign Over Me". The title is taken from a song by a famous rock band. Which band?
Who plays opposite Jack Nicholson in the 2003 film "Anger Management"?
Which item does Captain Koons, portrayed by Christopher Walken, give away in the 1994 film "Pulp Fiction".
Who plays Diane Keaton's brother in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" from 1977?
For which film did Christopher Walken win an Oscar?
Between 2005 and 2006, Viggo Mortensen made two films with the same director. Who?
Which actor was originally cast for the role as Arargorn in the "Lord Of The Rings" triology, but was replaced the day before sthooting started by Viggo Mortensen?
Which historic character does Viggo Mortensen portray in David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method" (2011)?
Which female actress plays opposite Shia LaBeouf in " Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"?
In 2007, Shia LaBeouf lent his voice to a cartoon. Which one?
Who plays Indiana Jones' son in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"?
Up until 2011, how many films has Helena Bonham Carter appeared in that were directed by her husband, Tim Burton?
Which type of food does Helena Bonham Carter's role in "Sweeney Tood" (2007) have particular "talent" for?
Who plays the character Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films?
What is the name of Mark Wahlberg's character in the 1997 film "Boogie Nights"?
Which actor played the lead in the 2008 film "Max Payne"?
Which of the following actors was originally scheduled to be onboard the United 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 11th of September 2001?
For which film did Halle Berry win an Oscar, making her the first black actress to win one?
How many films in the "X-Men" series feature Halle Berry?
Who plays the female lead in Susanne Bier's "Things We Lost In The Fire" from 2007?
Which profession does Billy Bob Thornton's role have in the 2001 film "The Man Who Wasn't There"?
In the 1998 film Armageddon, Billy Bob Thornton's character is chief of what?
Who plays opposite Bruce Willis in the 2001 film "Bandits".?
Who is the youngest actor ever to have won an Academy Award for Best Actor?
In which of the following films do Adrien Brody and Owen Wilson co-star?
Which historic characgter does Adrien Brody portray in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" from 2011?
In how many films has the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar worked with Penelope Cruz?
Who plays the lead in Pedro Almodóvars "La mala educación" from 2004?
From which country does the film director Pedro Almodóvar hail?
Who plays Javier Bardem's ex wife in the 2008 film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"`?
In which film does Penelope Cruz utter the line "In another life, when we are both cats"?
Who plays the teacher who is seduced by Penelope Cruz' role in "Elegy" (2008)?
What is the name of Humprhey Bogart's character in the 1942 classic "Casablanca"?
In 1972 the film "Play it Again, Sam", which centres around a man's great fascination with Humphrey Bogart, was released. Who plays this character?
For which film did Humphrey Bogart win an Oscar?
Who plays the female lead in "Requiem For A Dream" from 2000?
Who does Jennifer Connelly play opposite in the 2003 film "The Hulk"?
In which of the following animations can you hear Jennifer Connelly's voice?
Who directed the 2011 film "The Tree of Life"?