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Complete the name of the famous video game duo "Ratchet and ___"?

Complete the title of the famous Video game series "Grand Theft__"?

Complete the title of a famous video game series "Prince of ___"?

How many enemies do you play against in Pac-Man?

In which video game do you play as Snake Solid?

Lara Croft is the star of which series of games?

Link, of the Legend of Zelda series, usually wears a suit if which colour?

Marcus Fenix is the star of which series of games?

Master Chief is the lead character in which series of games?

Modern Warfare is a game in which series?

Nathan Drake is the star of which series of games?

On the Xbox controller the four main buttons are X, Y, B and…?

Pikachu, the Pokémon, is what colour?

Ryu and Ken are the main characters in which series of games?

Ryu Hauabusa is the star of which series of games?

Samus Aran is that star of which series?

Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game franchise of which games company?

Tetris pieces have how many blocks?

The Gears of War Games feature on which console?

What character do you play as in the Zelda series?

What colour hair do the Lemmings have?

What colour is the fictional video game character Kirby?

What colour is the fictional video game character Marios cap?

What colour is Sonic the Hedgehog?

What is the name of Sonics Fox friend?

What is the name of Mario's brother?

What is the name of Mario's nemeses?

What is the name of Sam's video gaming partner who is also hitting the road?

What kind of animal is Sonic's friend Tails?

What kind of games are Resident Evil series?

What number is the Agent in the Hitman games?

What occupation does Mario have?

What sport would you be playing in you were playing a FIFA game?

Which company makes the Xbox?

Which company released the DS consoles in 2004?

Which company released the Wii consoles in 2006?

Which console used a Nunchuck controller?

Which game series involves you taking control of a families life?

Which of these games DID NOT feature in the original Wii Sports?

Which of these is the real name of a major video game?

Infinite Warfare was the 2016 release in which video game series?

What kind of game is the Forza series?

In computing how many bits make one byte?

How many sq metres was ENIAC, the worlds first electronic computer?

The first working computer mouse was developed by Douglas Engelbart in which year?

Ray Tomlinson sent the world's first email in which year?

In which year did Tim Berners-Lee introduce the phrase World Wide Web?

What is the name of the small tracking file left by websites on your computer?

What was the name of the first digital computer?

Tim Berners-Lee is known as the inventor of what?