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Opposed by Apple, using unapproved software on your iPhone is popularly referred to as what?

Quicken computer software helps users do what?

The term "spam" for junk e-mail is derived from a well-known sketch on what comedy show?

Popular on the web, low-res animations that run a continuous loop are called what?

The Web site was created to support producers of what?

The Web site is a popular place to buy which of the following?

Taking its name from the "thirty-mile zone" around Hollywood, is devoted to what subject?

Which of the following is the name of a popular group blog specializing in "nerd culture"?

The popular video game "Grand Theft Auto IV" is set in what fictional metropolis?

Web sites like charge for some of their content by keeping it behind a so-called what?

On the Internet, the abbreviation "LOL" typically denotes which of these emotional states?

Used to refer to a computer's unique location in cyberspace, "IP address" is short for "internet" what?

Unaware he was starting an Internet fad, in 2007 Charlie Schmidt posted a YouTube video of his cat Fatso doing what?

What is the name of a concise feature on Facebook that helps users get a friend's attention?

What is the primary occupation of the man whose official website address is

On Home Depot's web site, the term "islands" finds items marked for what room of the house?

What keyboard symbol's name comes from a Greek word meaning "little star"?

On Twitter, a proper "Twaiku" poem consists of 140 characters or fewer and how many syllables?

When used in reference to electronic organizers, the abbreviation "PDA" stands for "personal digital" what?

What is the name of the cell ringtone that is popular with teens, as its high frequency makes it inaudible to adults?

The title of a popular online game sold by Zynga invites players to form "Words With" what?

From 2001-2012, Apple has named the different versions of its popular MAC OS X operating system after various what?

The brainy video game "Portal 2" utilizes the conservation of momentum and other principles from what field of study?

What is the technical term for a word or phrase in a Twitter post that is preceded by a "#" symbol?

Referring to powerful Internet servers that store and process data, a Microsoft tagline states, "To the" what?

The copying method that gave rise to Xeroxes, "xerography" derives its name from Greek words meaning what?

The dating site differs from other sites because it makes matches with the aid of what?

Representing the number of letters in each word, "143" is a common text abbreviation for what phrase?

Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, also helped create what early Internet success?

Released by Apple in 1998, which of these gadgets is the earliest?

What football icon lends his name to one of the top-selling video franchises of all time?

On which media has Jacob Sartorius engaged the most followers?

On which of the following medias does Jacob Sartorius have the least followers?

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on Instagram?

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on YouTube?

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on Twitter?

On which media did Jacob Sartorius get his breakthrough?

What is the name of the first computer virus released into the open?

What kind of computer program hides behind the name Microsoft Excel?

Which is the e-mail and calendar program that is one of Microsoft's most popular products?

What can you create with Microsoft PowerPoint?

What is the name of the Microsoft software in which you can create a slideshow?

Microsoft agreed to deliver an operating system (OS) to a computer company in 1981. The agreement proved to be the first step towards Microsofts great success. Which company did they make the agreement with?

The famous IT entrepreneur Jeff Bezos and founder of bought a legendary newspaper in 2013. He wanted to rethink the newspaper and bring it into the IT age. Which newspaper?

Which game developer is behind the 'World of Warcraft', which is one of the most played online games ever?

Which technology company announced its offer to buy Nokias mobile phone division for 7 billions dollars in September 2013?

What year did Microsoft publish the first version of their best-selling office suite, Microsoft Office?

What product did Microsoft publish the first version of in 1985?

A game developer was acquired by two Japanese companies in 2013. They paid $1.5 billion for a 51 percent stake in the company. What is the name of the acquired Finnish company behind successes like 'Clash of Clans' and 'Hay Day'?