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On which media has Jacob Sartorius engaged the most followers?

On which of the following medias does Jacob Sartorius have the least followers?

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on Instagram?

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on YouTube?

How many people follows Jacob Sartorius on Twitter?

On which media did Jacob Sartorius get his breakthrough?

What is the name of the first computer virus released into the open?

What kind of computer program hides behind the name Microsoft Excel?

Which is the e-mail and calendar program that is one of Microsoft's most popular products?

What can you create with Microsoft PowerPoint?

What is the name of the Microsoft software in which you can create a slideshow?

Microsoft agreed to deliver an operating system (OS) to a computer company in 1981. The agreement proved to be the first step towards Microsofts great success. Which company did they make the agreement with?

The famous IT entrepreneur Jeff Bezos and founder of bought a legendary newspaper in 2013. He wanted to rethink the newspaper and bring it into the IT age. Which newspaper?

Which game developer is behind the 'World of Warcraft', which is one of the most played online games ever?

Which technology company announced its offer to buy Nokias mobile phone division for 7 billions dollars in September 2013?

What year did Microsoft publish the first version of their best-selling office suite, Microsoft Office?

What product did Microsoft publish the first version of in 1985?

A game developer was acquired by two Japanese companies in 2013. They paid $1.5 billion for a 51 percent stake in the company. What is the name of the acquired Finnish company behind successes like 'Clash of Clans' and 'Hay Day'?

In the popular strategy game 'Clash of Clans' you have to build and defend your village and attack opponents. In which country is the game developed?

The sales figures of the computer game 'Grand Theft Auto V' exceeded $800 million during the first day of its launch on the 17th of September 2013. Who is the game's developer?

Google held their annual developer conference during the 15th to 17th of May 2013. What is the conference called?

On the 8th of July 2013 a classic internet search engine was shut down. Which?

The 2nd of October 2013 FBI closed an online black market called 'Silk Road' and seized its values. What currency did the Silk Road have its values in​​?

The 2nd of October 2013 FBI closed an online black market called 'Silk Road' and arrested the alleged mastermind. Which alias had he operated under?

What did Ada Byron create in 1834 as the first person in the world?

Which of the following did Ada Lovelace NOT predict almost 200 years ago that computers one day would be used for?

Niall Horan is a huge Justin Bieber fan, and when Bieber first followed one of the other boys on Twitter, he cried. Who did Justin Bieber first follow?

You have just started to follow Niall Horan on Twitter. What would he hate if you do next?

Which is not a correct Twitter name for the members of One Direction?

From January 2012 to January 2013 One Directions likes on facebook grew with how many percent?

How many likes did the official One Direction page have on facebook in Januar 2013?

Who from One Direction has most followers on Twitter?

How many followers on Twitter did Harry Styles have in January 2013?

Who from One Direction has the fewest followers on Twitter?

How many bytes is a gigabyte (GB)?

How many computers did IBM believe that could be sold worldwide when they invented the term 'personal computer' (PC)?

What was the first operating system for IBM's Personal Computer (PC)?

Who founded Microsoft in 1975 with Bill Gates?

When was the first computer program written?

When was the first real computer virus released?

When was the first electronic digital computer built?

When was the transistor invented?

Who invented the World Wide Web?

Who created Mosaic, the first browser with inline images?

Hvad does the abbreviation ROM stand for?

What does the abbreviation RAM stand for?

What year was the Internet a reality when 213 computers from different universities were tied together in a network that grew to 300,000 computers in the next ten years?

When was the first email sent?

How many bits is a kilobyte?