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Which of the following is a common definition for the word "tawny"?

Someone who is being unrealistically optimistic is said to be "whistling" what song?

The term "Polyanna" refers to a person who is excessively what?

The ampersand symbol, used to mean "and", was designed to look like what two letters combined?

In American Sign Language, how do you make the letter "S"?

In American Sign Language, an extended thumb and pinkie placed next to one's ear is the sign for doing what?

Which of the following word pairs consists of synonyms, not antonyms?

Used to describe something petty or of little value, the word "picayune" once referred to a type of Spanish what?

Which of the following best describes a man who is known as a "Beau Brummell"?

Which of the following is a fancy substitute for "my fiance"?

The Latin phrase "mea culpa" is closest in meaning to which of these modern slang phrases?

What word of Yiddish origin means "pleasantly plump"?

Which of the following is often referred to as "chicken scratch"?

The "O" in Irish names like "O'Neill" and "O'Casey"comes from "ua", an Irish word meaning what?

The phrase "get out of Dodge" is commonly believed to refer to a city in what U.S. state?

The slang term "El Lay" phonetically spells out the abbreviation for what state's most populated city?

The expression "I'll be a monkey's uncle" was popularized by skeptics of what scientist's theories?

What does "Erin go bragh" mean?

Whereas the back of a coin is called its "reverse", the front side is technically known as what?

The tabloid term "Brangelina", which combines two names into one, is an example of what kind of word?

The Italian word "piazza" means what?

Which of these adjectives refers to a legendary English king and not a famous English writer?

Texas humorist Kinky Friedman once noted, "Y'all is singular. All ya'all is plural. "All ya'alls is" is what?

The old farming adage "knee high by the fourth of July" usually refers to the approximate height of what crop?

Which of the following is not a synonym for "trinket"?

People would most likely use the mnemonic "Every good boy does fine" when doing what?

Which of the following terms is used in chemistry and not in real estate?

Someone who "views the world though rose-colored glasses" is unusually what?

The word "aide", used generally to refer to an assistant, is short for what longer French expression?

The Spanish warning "Esta caliente" often appears on which of these containers?

In an expression that means "That might be useful", a person might say "That's grist to the" what?

Scholars and intellectuals are commonly said to reside in a tower made of what material?

What is the English translation of the Latin phrase "mea culpa"?

What is the CORRECT term for someone who is a member of The Mafia?

The interjection "ahem" is meant to imitate the sound a person makes while doing what?

What weather-related term is in the title of a nursery rhyme with a line "The old man is snoring"?

Regardless of his name, a man without any clothes is cheekily said to be going "the full" what?

What vegetable's name is an answer to the common riddle "What has eyes but cannot see"?

The catchphrase "to boldly go where no man has gone before" features what grammatical problem?

The term "head honcho" is derived in part from the Japanese word "hancho", which roughly translates as what?

The American Dialect Society's 2006 Word of the Year "to pluto" something means to do what to it?

When it is expressed in Roman numerals, which of these years is represented by the fewest number of letters?

What is a bodega?

Slangily used to describe a curvaceous woman, the Yiddish word "zaftig" literally means what?

The term "melting pot" is often used to refer to the fact that the U.S. is very what?

The term "slush fund" was originally used by sailors to refer to the side money they made selling what?

Which of the following would be the name of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas if it were "translated" into English?

Two words that have directly opposite meanings are called what?

In Apple's slogan, "There's an app for that", the "app" mentioned is short for what?

Someone who is naive or gullible is often described as having "fallen off the" what?