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Who left the boyband One Direction on 25 March 2015?

Why did Zayn Malik leave One Direction?

Which astrological sign is Jacob Sartorius?

Which star sign does Jacob Sartorius belong to according to the Chinese horoscope?

What was the first tattoo One Direction's Harry Styles got?

How do you write the year 2013 correctly using Roman numerals?

What day of the week was 1st of January 2013?

The Hebrew calendar predates the Gregorian and do not follow the solar year. What year did the Jewish calendar enter on the 4th of September 2013?

When does Liam Payne celebrate his birthday?

Niall Horan has a very bizarre good luck mascot. What is it?

When does Niall Horan celebrate his birthday?

When is Zayn Maliks Birthday?

According to the bible, who was the first woman on Earth?

Which "A" is the first man on earth according to the bible?

What were the names of Adam and Eve's two sons?

What was it that Adam and Eve ate, which had been forbidden by God?

How many weeks are in a year?

How many months are there in a year?

How many days are in a year?

Which season follows winter?

Which season precedes summer?

According to early Christian traditions, what was a newly-married couple supposed to show off the day after the wedding night?

What could you use a kiss for in the Roman empire?

The old Romans had split kisses into various categories. What kind of a kiss was 'savolium' in the old Roman empire?

The old Romans had different categories of kisses. What kind of a kiss was the "basium"?

The old Romans had different categories of kisses. What kind of a kiss was an 'osculum'?

Who has a reindeer named Rudolf?

What commemorative coin was produced to mark the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton?

In which of these places is Christmas a public holiday?

In which of these places is Christmas not a public Holiday?

The one who gets the bread loaf with the concealed coin on Christmas Eve will be fortunate, but where is this a tradtion?

In Bulgaria they do not clear the table after the Christmas dinner - why?

In which of these countries are the Christmas dishes served on the traditional Julbord?

Today Santa Claus hands out the presents in Sweden on Christmas Eve, but who did the job until the 20th Century?

What do they hide in the rice dessert on Christmas Eve in Denmark?

In which of these countries does Santa Claus personally meet the children for the exchange of presents on Christmans Eve?

Christmas presents are exchange on Christmas Day, in which country?

In which country are the Christmas presents exchanged on Christmas eve?

When do they exchange Christmas gifts in Romania?

The modern Christmas tree tradition is belived to have begun in the 18th century - where?

What's the colour of Rudolph, the reindeer's nose?

This Christmas song from 1953 is sung by a woman who wants the most extravagant gifts, which song?

Where was the first commercial Christmas card produced in 1843?

From whom originates the Advent calendar?

The Advent calender printed by Gerhard Lang in 1908, had what?

In how many days were the World created accordingly to the Bible?

When did the war end between the Maori and the British colonial power?

What is the name of Ireland's patron saint, who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland around year 400?

Who was the first man on Earth according to the Bible?

In which religion is friday the holy day of the week?