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What do "Storks" deliver according to among others parents in the early Protestant America?

What kind of animal was the germanic goddess of the spring sometimes depicted as?

Seti I was the father of which Egyptian?

Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was found in Halicarnassus?

Which ancient world wonder was found in Alexandria?

What weather phenomenon was the Norse god Thor thought to control?

How many tasks did Hercules have to fulfill?

The jealous Athena turned Arachne into which kind of animal?

What type of animal is considered good luck to have living at a theatre?

What is the unlucky number in China, a number some times skipped in product lines e.g. Nokia cell phones?

What is the unlucky number in Korea as it sounds like death?

What is the unlucky number in Vietnam, a number some times skipped when numbering floors in a building?

What is the unlucky number in Japan, a number some times replaced with the letter F when numbering floors in a building?

How many litres of beer are consumed each year at the Oktoberfest in Munich?

The Grand Place or main market square in Brussels hosts the 'flower carpet' festival each August. How many begonias are used?

Who designed the uniform worn by the Vatican City's Swiss Guard?

The Taj Mahal. Taj means 'crown', what does Mahal mean?

The Emperors Palace or Forbidden City is located in which city?

The mysterious Inca city Machu Picchu is found in which country?

Why was the Munich Oktoberfest cancelled in 1923 and 1924?

A native indian legend claims that the scored marks that run down the side of Devil's Tower in Wyoming were gouged by a giant bear that was trying to reach what?

What is the name of one of the largest star sapphires in the world which is found in New York City's American Museum of Natural History?

The ruins of ancient Carthage are found in the suburbs of which modern city?

Concubines excluded, how many wives did a Chinese Emperor have?

How old was the Biblical figure Methusalem?

According to an old legend, who can't shed more than 3 tears?

One of the ancient world wonders, the 'Hanging Gardens', was found in which city?

Which animal is not a Chinese year?

The Gregorian Calendar was adopted by which country in 1912?

Which animal is not a Chinese year?

Which animal is not a Chinese year? 

What did the Roman Catholic church condemned in the 16th century?

Diana was the Roman goddess of what?

The ancient city of Babylon was located in which of these current countries?

The Ancient Greeks and Romans used a word to describe Arabs and in the Middle Ages, the same word was used by Europeans during the crusades to describe Muslims. What word?

The famous philosopher Aristotle founded and taught in which Athnian gymnasium and garden?

What color dresses do Chinese women traditionally wear on their wedding day as the color is believed to symbolise happiness?

What power did Babylonians believe their priests possessed?

What was put in a window during the Victorian era to symbolize warmth?

What was the given name of Pope John Paul II?

Which ancient Greek is considered to have invented tragedy?

Which Ancient Mexican civilization developed a symbol for "zero"?

Which of the following was not a Greek writer of plays?

Who is the Greek God of War?

Who was the god of the Hebrews in the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel and Judah?

According to the legend, how did Achilles die?

After the Norman conquest of England, a scholar by the name of Nicholas Breakspear was the first and last Englishman to become Pope. Who?

After whom was the Greek city Athens named?

Among the animal signs used in the Harappan script, which was the commonest?

Arabs brought Islam to Persia in which century?