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Where was the Eurovison Song Contest 2014 held?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 took take place at the 'B&W Hallerne', which were some old industrial buildings. What were they originally used?

Comedian Petra Mede was the solo host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. How many hosts presented the song contest in 2014?

The hosts for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 were individually know in their home country for various things. Which is not one of them?

What was the slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014?

The ESC 2014 contest saw the return of Valentina Monetta representing San Marino. This was for the...what consecutive year?

We welcomed Poland back in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. They had had a break for how many years?

The mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, declared in late August 2014 that the aim was to make the Eurovision 2014..what?

Which of the following countries is NOT guaranteed a spot in the final show of the Eurovision 2018?

Who didn't want Miley Cyrus to audition for Hannah Montana and hereby probably be hurt by the industry?

Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013?

Emmelie the Forest performed "Only Teardrops" and hereby won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. In which Swedish city did the event take place?

The 58th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Sweden in May 2013. What was the competition's slogan?

In which season of The X Factor did 1D participate?

Which of the members of 1D did not initially participate in X Factor as a solo candidate?

One Direction won which season of the UK X Factor?

Which of the following TV shows is one of Liam Paynes favorites?

For his first X Factor audition, a guest judge had to decide if Niall Horan would go on in the competition. This person said that he might have a "seed of talent" and put him through. Who?

Who won the seventh series of the British X Factor in 2010 in front of among others One Direction?

What was the winners prize at the British X Factor 2010?

What is 1D member Harry Styles' favorite TV show?

In which of the following tv series has Justin Bieber participated?

In the CSI episode "Targets of Obsession", Justin Bieber guest stars for the second time. What happens to his character?

In which of the following CSI episodes has Justin Bieber guest starred?

During his guest appearance in the tv series CSI, Justin Bieber suddenly developed difficulties breathing and was rushed to the hospital. What happened?

During Justin Bieber's guest appearance in the tv series CSI he suddenly developed difficulties breathing and was rushed to the hospital. Which hospital was he taken to?

What is the name of Justin Bieber's singing dobbelt-ganger who participated in "America's Got Talent" in 2011?

During "America┬┤s Got Talent" in 2011, Justin Bieber's dobbelt-ganger sang "What The Hell". It's a copy of one of Justin's songs. Which one?

When Justin participated in Ellen DeGeneres' show in connection with his 18th birthday, he was surprised to receive a car as a birthday gift. Which car did he get?

Approximately how many tv-viewers world-wide tuned in for Lady Di's funeral?