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The long-running CBS drama "NCIS" is a spin-off of what other long-running TV series?

Played by Garry Shandling, which of these iconic '90s TV characters was a neurotic late-night TV host?

What director's 1989 film "Parenthood" was adapted into a TV series twice: once in 1990 and once in 2010?

The TLC reality series "Sister Wives" has been described as a real-life version of what cable drama series?

What is the three-letter abbreviation commonly used to refer to ABC's long-running morning show?

What popular TV show is set in the fictional seaside town of Cabot Cove?

The ABC series that features jilted contestants from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" has what title?

R&B singer Robin Thicke is the son of a famous TV actor, best known for what '80s sitcom?

On an '80s TV series, a plucky orphan named Penelope Brewster was better known as what?

On the classic sitcom "I Love Lucy", Lucy often went on auditions using what maiden name instead of Mrs. Ricardo?

Praised for her role on the sitcom "Up All Night", Christina Applegate first won fame on what TV show?

One of the coaches on the talent show "The Voice", Adam Levine is best known as the frontman for what rock band?

The Showtime series "Episodes" stars what "Friends" star as a lightly fictionalized version of themselves?

The 2010 Bravo Series "Bethenny Getting Married" is a spin-off of what "Real Housewives" edition?

The Bravo series "Bethenney Getting Married?" and "Bethenney Ever After" feature a cast member of what "Real Housewife" edition?

The long-time running prime time soap "Knots Landing" was a spin-off of what other long-time soap?

What TV personality's fans express their allegiance by proclaiming themselves members of "Team Coco"?

What distinguished athlete is the star of a 1999 documentary titled "His Airness"?

What popular TV program began as a local talk show called "AM Chicago?"

What "SNL" cast member based his "Coffee Talk" character Linda Richman on his then mother-in-law?

What writer sought out his former college professor Morrie Schwarz after seeing him on an episode of "Nightline"?

What classic TV sitcom popularized the exclamation "Shazbot!"?

The theme song to what '80s sitcom begins with the memorable line, "Streaks on the china never mattered before"?

What does the "N" stand for in the CBS hit drama "NCIS"?

Playing himself, what TV actor pays for the burger feast at the end of "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"?

The 2010 memoir "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" was written by an actress who played what bratty TV character?

The History Channel's docu-series "Swamp People" follows the day-to-day lives of alligator hunters in what U.S. state?

The VH1 reality show "Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business" centers on a pair of singers that are related how?

Riffing on Scorsese, the 90's cartoon "Animaniacs" featured the "Goodfeathers", three pigeons who were also what?

What classic sitcom features a mustachioed, tool belt-wearing building super named Schneider?

The prestigious Juno Award is the Canadian equivalent of what American honor?

Since 2002, Carson Daly has hosted a very late night show with what apt name?

Played by Tony Shalhoub, the TV detective "Monk" suffers prominently from what medical condition?

Responding to charges that her cuisine leads to obesity, what TV chef once said "I'm your cook, not your doctor!"?

The 2002 of TV's "Celebrity Boxing" famously featured a bout between Tonya Harding and what infamous person?

What TV chef released the 2010 book "Savannah Style", illustrating a full year of Southern living?

On the classic TV series "The Brady Bunch", what is the name of the Brady family dog?

Originally voiced by John Goodman, which of the five animated M&M's "spokescandies" is a peanut M&M?

The actor who played Capt. James T. Kirk on TV's "Star Trek" also played which of these TV cops?

On the E! reality TV series, "The Girls Next Door", who are the girls next door?

On "Saturday Night Live", David Spade popularized the catchphrase "buh-bye" in his role as a what?

The theme song for what popular cartoon features the line "robots in disguise"?

On what classic TV game show do contestants frequently chant "No Whammies"?

Prior to her career in television, Nancy Grace was licensed by the state of Georgia as a what?

Published in 2010, "Gunn's Golden Rules" is a life lessons book by a TV personality from what reality show?

The Yum-o! organization, a nonprofit that teaches healthy eating, was founded by what bubbly TV chef?

On the classic sitcom "Happy Days", what was the name of Richie's practical joke-loving buddy, played by actor Don Most?

Throughout her career in the kitchen, Julia Child often said the secret to a long life is what?

What actor's guest role on a Showtime series inspired the 2010 headline, "Close Encounters of the Weed Kind"?

What deceased game show host's constant smooching of female contestants won him the nickname "The Kissing Bandit"?