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The Human

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How many litres of blood does the average man have in his body?

How many lungs does the human body have?

In which part of the body are your canines and molars?

The average human has how many bones in its body?

The cranium is also known as what?

The cranium is in which part of the body?

The femur is also known as what bone?

The human heart has how many chambers?

The mandible is on what part of the body?

The patella is also known as what?

What is the smallest digit on the human body?

What are human nails made from?

What are the two side by side holes in your known called?

What bones in your body protect your heart and vital organ?

What bone is also known as the clavicle?

What is the bridge between your nostrils called?

What is the name of the of the long pipe at the back of the throat?

What moves digested food into the stomach?

What name is the coloured part of the eye?

What part of the body can increase to eight times its normal size?

What part of the body is the epidermis?

What part of your body is made from keratin?

What percentage of the human body is made up from water?

What shape is DNA known as?

What substance gives skin and hair its pigment?

Where are faeces stored?

Where are incisors found?

Where are the bicep muscles?

Where are the deltoid muscles?

Where are your vertebrate bones?

Where in the body is the oesophagus?

Where in the body is the rotator cuff?

Where is bile produced?

Where is bile stored?

Where is the Adam's apple?

Where is the anvil bone?

Where is the cornea?

Where is the hamstring muscles?

Which of these is NOT a real Blood Group?

Which part of the body is most important for balance?

Which magazine first published photos of a human embryo in 1965?

What was the name of the flu that killed an estimated 40 million people in 1918?

Which percentage of the worlds population has an I.Q. of 120 or more ?

How many wisdom teeth does the average adult have?

How many miles must a person weighing 175 pounds walk in order to burn off a pound of fat?

How many muscles does it take to move your hand?

According to Guinness what is the record number of children borne by one woman?

How many hairs does the average human head have?

In which decade did the World Health Organisation declare smallpox eradicated?

In 1776 what was the average height of an Englishman?