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Welcome to QuizStone!

Do you love quizzes and challenging yourself and your friends, but feel that you often lack a more detailed explanation? Then you have come to the right place...

On QuizStone you can test your knowledge in a fun and challenging way and, as a bonus, learn something new. Every week you will find new, exciting questions in addition to the thousands of questions that are already available. Test your general knowledge with mixed questions, choose a specific category or try a thematic quiz – the choice is yours! And while you are at it, why not challenge your friends via Facebook or Twitter?

Click the ‘start’ button to start quizzing. Or find us in the App Store or Android Market, where the selection of apps for your smart phone increases all the time.

We would love to receive your feedback on particular questions or the quiz in general. If you have ideas for improvements, please do send us a couple of words in an e-mail or through the feedback formula.

We are very much looking forward to seeing how well you do!

- The QuizStone Team

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QuizStone's goal is to create social knowledge games where you learn to play and play to learn. You can help us to learn. Send us an email or make a review. Let us know what you think.



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