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Navy is a shade of which colour?

Rolex are famous makers of what?

Royal and sky are shades of what colour?

Sable is the traditional name of what colour?

The Bikini was a concept by Louis Réard, but in which year?

In which year did Ern? Rubik invent the Rubik's cube?

Which of the following colours would make you appear the slimest? 

What type of sportsman was the toy Stretch Armstrong dressed as?

Which country does supermodel Gisele Bundchen come from?

Which London street does one associate with the 1960s fashion scene?

Which 'street' in London takes its name from the ornamental collars once made by the 17th century tailor Robert Baker?

What creature appears on the Welsh national flag?

In which year were blue jeans invented?

In which year were false eyelashes invented?

In which year did the hula hoop craze first circle the world?

In which year did the miniskirt first turn heads?

What was named after the location of a hydrogen bomb test?

What's the nationality of Erno Rubik, inventor of Rubik's Cube?

In what year was the Rubik's Cube invented?

Possibly aided by Kate Middleton's notable use of them, what leg wear made is said to have made a comeback?

The brand 7 for All Mankind is best known for its high-end brand of what?

What clothing retailer features a line of jeans called 1969, a nod to the year its first store opened?

Though a silvery-white medal, what chemical element lends its name to a deep shade of blue?

Sported by celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus, a "soul patch" is a type of what?

What company's iconic logo was created by an Oregon college student in 1971 for just $35?

Ugg, a trendy brand that specializes in sheepskin boots, originated in what country?

Sassybax is a woman's brand that sells which of these items?

Popularized by celebrities like Madonna, Kaballah bracelets are made from what color string?

What type of neckline gets its name because it is traditionally seen on sweaters by rowers?

Which of the following is a classic men's toiletry brand and not one of the Spice Girls?

What type of jewelry appropriately gets its name from the French for "long needle"?

Until his abrupt dismissal in 2011, John Galliano had been head designer of what fashion house since 1996?

The "wrap dress" is the signature creation of what high-end fashion designer?

What plastic toy comes with a pointing device called a planchette?

What toy was once reportedly banned in Japan because people looked indecent when they used it?

What toy was once reportedly banned in Russia for being an example of 'the emptiness of American culture'?

What urban clothing brand was co-founded by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z?

When stating a woman's measurements, as in "36, 35, 36" the numbers correspond to which of the following?

Standard issue for sailors and preppies, which of these shoes was designed to be worn on boats?

What household item is often seen at hunting lodges fashioned from the antlers of deer or elk?

Varieties of what beauty aid are often advertised as being "acetone-free"?

Shirt sleeves that are fastened with cuff links instead of buttons have what kind of "cuffs"?

The retailer Burberry is known for accenting its garments with tan, black, white and red in what trademark pattern?

The classic Burberry check is a famous plaid pattern that features all but which of these colors?

What is the name of the classic toy that utters lines such as "The cow says moo" with the pull of a string?

What part of a bride's wedding dress comes in elbow, fingertip and cathedral lengths?

Which of these activities involves a process known as "purling"?

One of the great '90s fashion fads, "Zubaz" were brightly-colored what?

Traditionally worn by golfers, "plus fours" are a type of what?

What popular toy was created when engineer Scott Stillinger tied together a bunch of rubber bands?