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Which company would serve you a Big Mac?

Black Pudding is made from what animals blood?

Bratwurst sausages come from what country?

Chop Suey is a dish from which country?

Chow Mein is a dish from which country?

Complete the saying "An ___ a day keeps the doctor away"?

Enchiladas are associated with which country?

Fajitas are a dish from which country?

From what animal does haggis come?

Haggis is a meat dish associated with which country?

If you were eating a Granny Smiths, what would you be eating?

In the dish Bubble and Squeak, if Squeak is potatoes, what is the Bubble?

In which country might you eat and even enjoy frogs legs?

In which country would you most likely find people eating food with chopsticks?

Jalfrezi is a dish from which country?

Korma is a dish from which country?

Mutton comes from which animal?

Nando's is an international food chain that originated in South Africa and serves food from which country?

Pizza originated in which country?

Spaghetti is associated with which country's cuisine?

Sushi is a famous dish from which country?

The Colonel is the figure of which fast food restaurant?

What can be skimmed, long-life or pasteurised?

What brown sauce contains a picture of the Houses of Parliament on it?

What kind of food is a calzone?

What food does a giant panda eat?

What ingredient mainly makes bread rise?

What is a cashew or a pistachio?

What is a tomato botanically speaking?

What does the dish calamari mainly consist of?

What is the Italian word for pie?

What is transitionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?

What kind of food is a kipper?

What nuts make marzipan?

What vitamin are oranges rich in?

When was Coca-Cola first sold?

The formula for Coca-Cola is famously secret but it contains loads of what?

The formula for Coca-Cola is famously secret but it contains what awakening ingredient?

The formula for Coca-Cola is famously secret but it contains what teeth damaging ingredient?

Which company's serves the Woppa burger?

Which food means "Grinning Face"?

With what country would you associate frogs legs?

With which nation would you associate carbonara?

Lemon is a shade of which colour?

What drink has varieties including Max?

What flavour is 7 Up?

Which Prime Minister helped invent soft ice-cream?

Which nation is the largest cheese producer in the world?

Where do the largest vegetables in the US grow?

What do the citizens of Brussels love to eat with their frites (French fries)?