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Who of the boys in One Direction is most likely to eat food all the time?

Which restaurant was voted the world's best in 2013?

Which of the following is the name of a diet with fasting days?

In 2013 the British TV doctor Michael Mosley stopped to follow the 5:2 diet strictly as he cut down the fasting days to less than half. Why?

Who wrote the book 'The fast diet' about the 5:2 diet, which quickly became a bestseller in the UK?

In August 2013 two volunteers sat their teeth into the world's first artificial hamburger. Who was the secret money man behind the world's so far most expensive burger?

A scandal involving horses spread like the wind in the medias of Europe in January 2013. What was it about?

Where do fajitas come from?

From which country does Feta cheese come?

What is cheese primarily made of?

Which of the following drinks is usually enjoyed hot?

One Direction have a bizarre pre-gig ritual of eating sweets together. Louis explained to The Sun: "We do the sweets like they're drinks. We cheers them. It's very strange but it's for good luck.". Which candy brand are they usually eating?

Which of the following foods does Harry Styles not like?

Which of the following foods does Harry Styles hate?

What is Harry Styles favorite food?

What is Harry Styles' favorite beverage?

Which food gives Louis the heebie jeebies (makes him feel uncomfortable)?

Louis Tomlinson once said he likes girls who eats..what?

What is Zayn Maliks favorite food?

What food is oval, white and yellow inside?

How long does it take to boil a hard boiled egg?

How much does an average egg weigh?

Which country is known for the original pizza?

What do you call a pizza with mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil?

What type of food has cheese, tomato and pepperoni as topping?

What is the most important thing to remember in food preparation?

An experiment among U.S. soldiers halved the number of sick days. What was the experiment about?

When should you remember to wash your hands?

Which of the following is not a fruit?

Which of the following is not a vegetable?

Which fruit is bigger?

Which of these vegetables is bigger?

What is ketchup made of?

Which dish do many people have ketchup with?

What are the main ingredients in mayonnaise?

What do many people eat mayonnaise with?

Which fruit turns into raisins once dried?

Which dried fruit is made out of grapes?

A prune is a dried what?

Which dried fruit do you produce out of plums?

What is normal, white flour made out of?

Which of the following would you use to bake a cake?

What do you add to bread to make it rise?

In which European country does pasta originate?

What is the main ingredient in pasta?

In which continent does rice originate?

From which continent does the potato stem?

Which plant has tubers that grow beneath the surface?

Which of the following can you do if you want to improve your sexual performance?

Which of the following ingredients do you probably want to side-step if you are putting together what is commonly perceived to be a seductive meal?