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1D member Liam Paynes first pet was named Frederick. What kind of animal was it?

Who once killed Niall Horans two pet goldfish by feeding them too much?

Niall Horan first pet was of which animal class?

1D member Louis Tomlinsons first pet was a pup named..what?

What small insect likes to appear and eat the bread crumbs when you're on a picnic?

Which tiny insect has a queen, who it takes good care of?

Which tiny insect lives in a nest with its family?

Which tiny insect can bite and irritate a dog or a cat so much that they constantly scratch themselves?

Which type of flea does not exist?

How does a flea start its life?

Which tiny insect has no wings and therefore cannot fly?

Which tiny insects likes to live in clean hair?

What does a louse not have?

Which tiny insect lives by sucking blood from its host?

Where do oranges grow?

What colour are the flowers on an orange tree?

How tall can an orange tree get?

Where do coconut grow?

What can you not produce from coconuts?

Where does a pineapple grow?

From which continent do pineapples originate from?

Who was the first person to introduce pineapples to Europe?

What does a giraffe eat?

What is the typical characteristic of a giraffe?

What is the tallest terrestrial animal?

From which of the following animal's fur, can you make wool?

What can you make with raw wool?

From which animal do you get angora wool?

Which of the following materials do you get from the alpaca llama?

Which of the following materials do you get from the angora rabbit?

From which animal do we get silk?

What do you use silk for?

Which thread comes from a worm?

Which of the following breed of dogs is the largest?

Which of the following breed of dogs is the smallest?

Which small animal has spines and is intolerant to milk?

What does a hedgehog eat when it's thirsty, even though it's not able to digest it?

How much does a hedgehog weigh?

Which animals purr and are known for hunting mice?

Which of these animals is carnivorous?

What does a cat use its whiskers for?

Which animal is known for hunting cats?

Which animals are used to help the blind navigate traffic?

Which animals are used to look for survivers in the ruins after an earthquake?

Which animals often have pink skin and curly tails?

Which of these animals can have up to 14 nipples?

Why does a pig's tail curl?

Which mammal is largest?

Which of the following is the largest animal to ever have lived?

What kind of animal is a blue whale?