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Which of the following is a true statement about reindeer?

Perhaps because it's so romantic, a full moon often triggers which of these sea creatures to reproduce?

What do scientists term the living matter that makes up all plant and animal cells?

Thanks to its most common host, the bloodsucking arachnid lxodes scapularis is more commonly known as the what?

The Lhasa apso is a dog originally bred to guard temples and monasteries in what part of the world?

The largest population of manatees in the U.S. lives primarily in the coastal waters of what state?

What is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist in their natural habitat?

The polemonium plant derives its common nickname from a Biblical story about a "ladder" seen by whom?

When you put the word "water" in front of it, which of these shoes becomes the name of a venomous snake?

Urushiol, a toxic resin, causes the typical rashes and itchiness associated with which of these plants?

What vegetable plant produces a soft, yellowish "silk", often used in herbal remedies?

Ossicones are hair-covered horns atop the head of which of these mammals?

What birds rotate their wings in a distinct figure-eight pattern that allows them to fly backwards?

Reindeer are in the same species as which of these animals?

What is the only type of fish's fin that is featured on a Pepperidge Farm Goldfish cracker?

Scientific American claims that flowers will stay fresh longer when placed in water mixed with which of these drinks?

The phrase "long in the tooth" comes from what animal's tendency to have receding gums as it ages?

What animals are some of the only adult vertebrates with the ability to regrow a limb that has been cut off?

The snail Bufonaria borisbeckeri was named by a German researcher in honor of a champion in what sport?

Typically preferring to wade rather than swim, which of these birds does not have webbed feet?

Prized by breeders for its intelligence and striking appearance, the Puli dog's hair resembles what household item?

Though they move back and forth while budding, mature sunflowers typically face what direction?

Though it applies to all of them now, the term "vermin" derives from the Latin word for which of these creatures?

Which of the following animals is not an ungulate?

Though a female turkey is called a hen, a male is known not as a rooster but as a what?

Prized for its agreeable temperament, the puggle is a cross between the pug and what other breed of dog?

Prized for its silk-producing abilities, the silkworm is the larva of what type of insect?

The zoological classification Lepidoptera consists of butterflies and what other insects?

What adjective is used to describe animals that emit light?

The official cocktail of the annual Preakness Stakes horse race shares its name with what flower?

Piscivorous animals feed mainly on what?

The largest of the all parrots, the hyacinth macaw's plumage is what distinctive color?

Which of the following birds is not named for the sound that it makes?

The Labrador Retriever is a dog breed named after an Eastern region of what country?

What breed of dog, known for its thick white coat, is named for the nomadic people of Siberia who once raised it?

Which of the following is the CORRECT name for the popular breed of dog much prized by Queen Elizabeth II?

Thanks to microorganisms that collect in their paws, many dogs' feet have a distinctive odor known as what?

Which of the following aquatic creatures is not actually a fish?

What creatures are typically featured in a museum's Hymenoptera collection?

Though critics called him a "walking dust mop", the 2012 Westminster Best in Show went to Malachy, a 4-year-old what?

What animals engage one another in a mating competition that is often compared to boxing?

1D member Liam Paynes first pet was named Frederick. What kind of animal was it?

Who once killed Niall Horans two pet goldfish by feeding them too much?

Niall Horan first pet was of which animal class?

1D member Louis Tomlinsons first pet was a pup named..what?

What small insect likes to appear and eat the bread crumbs when you're on a picnic?

Which tiny insect has a queen, who it takes good care of?

Which tiny insect lives in a nest with its family?

Which tiny insect can bite and irritate a dog or a cat so much that they constantly scratch themselves?

Which type of flea does not exist?