Fun Facts Quiz

This quiz contains very fun facts and knowledge you do not wish to live without.


Football Quiz

Football quiz about football in general. There are Danish and international questions about football players, clubs, national teams, World Cup and European Championships.


World Cup Football

This particular quiz is about the World Cup in Football including players, national teams, sponsors and organizations. The questions are mainly international and goes from easy to very difficult. If you don't know anything about football - you soon will!


Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz is about traditions, TV and music in a holiday, which is celebrated in very different ways around the world. If you cannot wait until Christmas Day - then start right here and expand your knowledge about Christmas.


Eurovision Song Contest Quiz

Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest Fan Quiz! A quiz where you can test your skills and knowledge about the worlds largest music competition with both national and international questions.


Globetrotter Quiz

Globetrotter is about travel experiences from travels around the world. It is made in corporation globetrotters who hopes to inspire other travelers by sharing their experiences. Remember that "The World hides so many experiences that you should not cheat your self for".


Tour de France Quiz

The Tour de France Quiz is targeted cycling fans. The quiz contains questions about international riders, teams and generally about the history of the tour. Play it while you watch the tour on TV and increase your Tour de France Knowledge.


The Royal Quiz

Do you know a lot about the Royal Families? Or would you like to extend your knowledge? Then this quiz is just right for you! April 29th 2011 Prince William married his Kate. We are celebrating their wedding with this special theme quiz.


Spot the Tune


Celebrity Faces


Kids Trivia

Knowledge useful for small and big kids. Get your questions in categories such as general knowledge, geography, history, literature, sports and leisure, nature and biology, science, words and language, food, society, politics, business and industry, architecture, design and fashion, people, religion, culture and traditions, TV and radio, holidays and travel. The content is suitable for children aged 7-13.


80s Tunes


90's Tunes


World History Quiz

Learn and test you knowledge about history, war, famous historical people and a lot more.


Justin Bieber Quiz

Are you a true belieber? Who isn't, right ;o) Then this quiz is the only right thing for you! How much do you know about Justin Bieber from early childhood and his way to the top? Well, there is only one way to find out!


One Direction Quiz

Find out if you are a true fan of One Direction. This quiz will test how much you know about your favourite boy band. Do you know birthdays, middlenames and other facts?


Michael Jackson Quiz

Are you ready to show your best moonwalk in this quiz? The King of Pop is back in this Michael Jackson quiz. The quiz and its questions takes you back to both the good and the bad times in Jacksons carrier and life.



Danish Music


Fictitious Characters Quiz

This quiz contains questions about fictitious characters from legends and sagas till movies and literature.


The Denmark Quiz

This quiz tests your skills in both historical and contemporary Denmark. The test contains questions about Danish history, literature, sports and much more.


Lord of the Rings Quiz

This theme quiz about The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings seeks deep into the fantastic universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. You might run into Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf or even Gollum in this quiz that rules them all.


James Bond Quiz

In the secret quiz service you will meet Bond, James Bond. He will give you license to quiz. But watch out! Your own life is at stake in this James Bond Quiz!


Daredevil Quiz

In this quiz we shall meet some of the greatest and most reckless daredevils in history. The quiz contains questions in various subjects ranging from Charles Lindbergh to Doktor Livingstone.


Flora and Fauna Quiz

The subject of this quiz is biodiversity. Test your knowledge of the diverse and fragile ecosystem that we live in along with thousands of other species, plants and fungi.


Historical Freedom Fighters

A freedom fighter is at one and the same time a hero and a terrorist, depending on the political opinions and views. This quiz is about the history of freedom fighters. Are you ready to quiz the right for freedom?


Champions League

This quiz is about UEFA Champions League. You and your knowledge will be testet with questions about the European tournament for the best football teams. Are you ready for kick off?


Year 2013

We have selected some of the most important events of 2013 and put them into a quiz. How much can you remember from the past year?


Sweden Quiz

This quiz test your knowledge in both historic and present knowledge about Sweden. The test contain questions for those who are interested in Swedish history, literature, sport etc.


Tank Recognition


Aircraft Recognition




Greatest Hits