One Direction Quiz

Find out if you are a true fan of One Direction. This quiz will test how much you know about your favourite boy band. Do you know birthdays, middlenames and other facts?

One Direction Quiz

Questions in this Quiz

Who left the boyband One Direction on 25 March 2015?

Why did Zayn Malik leave One Direction?

The three One Direction members Niall, Liam, and Zayn all use the same shoe size. Which?

1D member Harry Styles is in general attracted to girls who are..what?

One Directions debut album "Up All Night" climbed the U.S. billboard charts in 2011 and finally topped the list as number one. How many British bands had previously achieved this?

When 1D were still in the X Factor, the producers wanted to put one of the members on a diet because he apparently was a little too fat. Who?

One of the members of One Direction has a fetich for girls with pink nail polish. Who?

What does the last name of the One Direction member Niall mean in Swedish?

In the video 'One Way Or Another' which 1D member is in the shower?

Who do the boys in One Direction say is the best football player in the band?

Who of the boys in One Direction is most likely to eat food all the time?

Which of the band members from One Direction does not have any sisters?

What is One Direction's Niall Horan's blood type?

How old was One Direction's Niall Horan when his parents divorced?

In what year did One Direction's Harry Styles date celebrity Taylor Swift?

How many nipples does One Direction's Harry Styles have?

What was the first tattoo One Direction's Harry Styles got?

What is One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's blood type?

Which of the following Twitter ID's from the members of One Direction is NOT correct?

Liam Payne tweeted which of the following in 2012?

Who is the oldest member of One Direction?

Who is the youngest member of One Direction?

Who was the second oldest member of One Direction?

Who is the second youngest member of One Direction?

Who is the guy in the middle when it comes to the age of the members of One Direction?

One Direction is a boyband based in which city?

During the X Factor auditions all the soon to be 1D memers were.. what?

Which record label did "One Direction" first sign with?

One Direction are the brand ambassadors for a computer game and have appeared on TV adverts and performed at events. For which game?

Which record label did "One Direction" secondly sign with?

Which 1D member is responsible for coming up with the band's name?

When was One Direction formed?

Whos father suggested the band name "Status Single" before they agreed on "One Direction"?

One Direction have a bizarre pre-gig ritual of eating sweets together. Louis explained to The Sun: "We do the sweets like they're drinks. We cheers them. It's very strange but it's for good luck.". Which candy brand are they usually eating?

It was guest judge, Nicole Scherzinger, who suggested that Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis should be put together as a group at the X Factor bootcamp. She is a former member of..which band?

In which season of The X Factor did 1D participate?

Which year was the boyband "One Direction" formed?

Which of the members of 1D did not initially participate in X Factor as a solo candidate?

One Direction won which season of the UK X Factor?

How many band members where there originally in One Direction?

The members of One Direction got themselves matching..what?

How many Teen Choice Awards had One Direction won when they celebrated their 2nd anniversary?

When Simon Cowell believed that One Direction had what it takes to become one of the biggest boy bands on the planet he told the Daily Star..what exactly?

Had One Direction won The X Factor they would have released a cover of which 1984s synthpop anthem?

When the tickets went on sale in September 2011 for One Directions 2011/2012 UK tour they sold out in just many minutes?

Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry co-wrote four songs on their album "Up All Night". Which is not one of them?

Maybe you've got the original One Direction dolls created using laser-image face-sculpts for maximum authenticity. How tall are the dolls?

One Directions "Up All Night" was recorded in several places. Which was not one of them?

One Directions first song together as a group was "Torn". Who had her international breakthrough with this song in 1997?

One Directions debut single "What Makes You Beautiful" entered the UK Singles Chart at number one selling a total number many copies in its first week?