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The practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities is known as what?

Sugar magnate Henry Tate is the founder and namesake of a noted and modern art gallery located in what city?

The Van Gogh Museum is a popular destination for art lovers visiting what European capital?

What artist's famous sketch, "The Vitruvian Man", is said to depict the ideal proportions of the male body?

The Broadway musical "Spamalot" is a stage adaptation of what classic movie comedy?

What artist painted his young daughter in his works "Paloma with an Orange" and "Paloma in Blue?"

What Broadway musical is largely set in a seedy nightclub called the Kit Kat Klub?

Usually referred to by his first name, the Renaissance artist Michelangelo had what surname?

The first musical to win a Pulitzer Prize, "Of Thee I Sing" takes its title from a lyric in what patriotic song?

Painted in 1893, the famous Edvard Munch painting "The Scream" depicts an organized figure holding his hands where?

Requiring considerable skill and experience, "throwing" is a technique used in what artistic medium?

The Dutch painter Vermeer is perhaps most famous for his portrait called "Girl with a" what?

The Broadway musical "American Idiot" is a stage adaptation of a popular album by what band?

What Broadway musical is subtitled "The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical"?

Substituting basketball for battle, the musical Lysistrata Jones is an adaptation of an ancient Greek play by whom?

The house in the background of the painting "American Gothic" stood in the artist's home state of what?

What Broadway musical features the song "Food, Glorious Food"?

What Tony-winning Broadway musical features a cast of risque, R-rated puppets?

What Broadway musical features the extravagant song-and-dance number "Springtime for Hitler"?

Traditionally, which of these professionals is most likely to wear a skirt made of tulle?

Still popular today, C.M. Coolidge's famous paintings of dogs playing poker were originally advertisements for what?

What does the "E" stand for in "NEA", the government agency that provides funding for the arts?

Seen in many still life paintings, a ewer is a decorative type of what household object?

Pointillism, a painting technique involving tiny dots of color, was pioneered by what French artist?

What Broadway musical spawned an unsuccessful 1990 sequel titled "Miss Hannigan's Revenge"?

The 1954 work "Flag" was the first in a famous series of paintings by what American artist?

The Enlightenment was an 18th century movement also commonly known as the "Age of " what?

Perhaps putting her classical music training to use, who composed the music for the 2011 Broadway play "Stick Fly"?

The musical "Camelot", which debuted on Broadway in 1960, features what legendary figure as the lead role?

The oil-on-canvas 'Three Studies of Lucian Freud' was sold at an auction in London in November 2013 for the highest price ever for a work of art. Who is the artist behind the painting?

It was in 2013 determined that a previously secret art collection of about 1500 works contained art stolen by the Nazis before and during World War II. In which city was the art collection discovered?

Who is the true artist in 1D and even drew some of the pictures on One Direction's first album "Up All Night"?

What is the term for an Archaic Greek statue of a young woman?

What is the term for an Archaic Greek statue of a young man?

What principles form the foundation for the Renaissance art of perspective?

Which art principle from the Renaissance was based on the point of view of a single eye?

What was the Italian Lorenzo Ghiberti's profession?

Who created the ten gilded bronze reliefs for the Baptistry of Florence in the Renaissance?

What was Donatello's profession?

Who is known for the bronze statue of David, which was the largest free-standing sculpture since Antiquity?

Which well-known Italian sculptur created the equestrian statue of the condottieri Gattametla, which was revealed in 1453?

Which well-knwon Italian sculptur created the Renaissance statues Marcus and St. George?

Which country was the sculptor Donatello from?

What is the Italian Masaccio most well-known for painting in the early Renaissance?

Which country was the painter Jan van Eyck from?

Which Renaissance artist is known for his intensity of color, light and atmosphere in the painting "The Madonna of Chancellor Rollin"

With whom did the Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck paint the 3.5 m tall altar at Ghent?

Which artist painted "The Descent from the Cross (c. 1435)" and "The Last Judgment" (ca. 1445)?

Which country was the Renaissance painter Rogier van der Weyden from?

Which of the following works of art did Rogier van der Weyden paint?