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The oil-on-canvas 'Three Studies of Lucian Freud' was sold at an auction in London in November 2013 for the highest price ever for a work of art. Who is the artist behind the painting?

It was in 2013 determined that a previously secret art collection of about 1500 works contained art stolen by the Nazis before and during World War II. In which city was the art collection discovered?

Who is the true artist in 1D and even drew some of the pictures on One Direction's first album "Up All Night"?

What is the term for an Archaic Greek statue of a young woman?

What is the term for an Archaic Greek statue of a young man?

What principles form the foundation for the Renaissance art of perspective?

Which art principle from the Renaissance was based on the point of view of a single eye?

What was the Italian Lorenzo Ghiberti's profession?

Who created the ten gilded bronze reliefs for the Baptistry of Florence in the Renaissance?

What was Donatello's profession?

Who is known for the bronze statue of David, which was the largest free-standing sculpture since Antiquity?

Which well-known Italian sculptur created the equestrian statue of the condottieri Gattametla, which was revealed in 1453?

Which well-knwon Italian sculptur created the Renaissance statues Marcus and St. George?

Which country was the sculptor Donatello from?

What is the Italian Masaccio most well-known for painting in the early Renaissance?

Which country was the painter Jan van Eyck from?

Which Renaissance artist is known for his intensity of color, light and atmosphere in the painting "The Madonna of Chancellor Rollin"

With whom did the Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck paint the 3.5 m tall altar at Ghent?

Which artist painted "The Descent from the Cross (c. 1435)" and "The Last Judgment" (ca. 1445)?

Which country was the Renaissance painter Rogier van der Weyden from?

Which of the following works of art did Rogier van der Weyden paint?

Who wrote the theoretical works "De Pictura" (1435-1436) on painting, and "De Re Aedifactoria"(1443-52) on architecture?

Who first put forth the theory of central perspective in the work "Della Pittura" (1435-36)

What was Piero della Francesca known as?

Who established the principles of the construction of perspective in his book "De Prospectiva Pingendi" (On Perspective in Painting)

In which city was the painter Giovanni Bellini active during the Renaissance?

Who decorated the Doge's Palace in Venice with his brother and father?

What is the Italian Sandro Botticelli known for painting?

Which city was the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli first active in during the Renaissance?

Which Italian painter is known for painting the Birth of Venus in 1485?

Which period of art history did Leonardo da Vinci belong to?

Where did Leonardo da Vinci spend his apprenticeship?

In which Italian city is the mural "The Last Supper" located?

Where did Leonardo da Vinci live until 1517?

Where did the Italian Leonardo da Vinci live from 1517 onward?

Which Italian is known for his studies of human anatomy, buildings and airplanes in the Renaissance?

Which Italian painter is famous for painting "Virgin of the Rocks" (1483-86)?

Which Italian painter painted the world-famous "Mona Lisa"?

Which of these paintings was not painted by Leonardo da Vinci?

Which Italian painter is responsible for the famous paiting of "The Last Supper"?

Which Italian painter painted "The Adoration of the Magi"?

Which Renaissance artists is known for his painting of "Erasmus of Rotterdam"?

Which Renaissance work of art is the German Albrecht Dürer best known for painting?

Which country was the Renaissance painter and graphic artist Albrecht Dürer from?

Where did the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer live?

Which German Renaissance painter painted "Adam and Eve" (1507)?

What was the Italian Giorgione by profession?

To which period of art history do the works "The Tempest", "Sleeping Venus" and "Pastoral Concert" belong?

Which of the following was not one of Michelangelo's professions?

Who was the most significant of the High Renaissance artists?