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What term is often used to describe a session of Congress held after the elections but before the new term?

The Secret Service reportedly referred to Malia and Sasha Obama by what code names?

The Secret Service reportedly referred to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump by what code names for the 2016 presidential election?

What is the name of the well-known organization for gay and lesbian Republicans?

Log Cabin Republicans is an organization that works within the Republican Party to advocate equal rights for who?

The site of a 1969 political scandal, Chappaquiddick Island connects to what larger island?

Replacing Angela Merkel, in 2010, who topped Forbes' list of "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women"?

What adjective is often used to describe an unscrupulous political leader's behavior?

Upon his arrival in D.C. in 2011, what newly-elected senator moved in with his congressman father Ron?

What member of Congress is also an OBGYN who claims to have delivered more than 4000 babies?

Which member of Congress is known as "Dr.No" because he a)votes "no" a lot, and b) is a doctor?

Prior to his career as a TV journalist, George Stephanopoulos was a White House adviser to what U.S. president?

The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place in 1858 between two men running for what office?

The Congress member who officially assists a majority or minority leader has what violent-sounding title?

The Washington Post evaluates the truthfulness of political ads by assigning a rating of between one and four what?

What was the relationship between U.S. Presidents William and Benjamin Harrison?

Signed into law by Bill Clinton in 2000, the federal legal limit for blood alcohol content while driving is what?

What presidential election will be the first in which both Barack Obama's daughters will be eligible to vote?

The famous "Warren Commission" was created in order to investigate what American crisis?

What political figure had a mechanical heart pump installed in 2010 that left him literally without a pulse?

What celebrity postponed his wedding to a Swedish actress for fear it would hurt JFK's Presidential campaign?

Out on parole since 2007, Sara Jane Moore spent decades in prison for trying to assassinate whom?

Over 30 years ago, which of these Presidents signed legislation to immunize Americans from swine flu?

What country's current government was established in 1958 and is known as the Fifth Republic?

What world leader travels on an airplane nicknamed "Shepherd One"?

What was the name of the cocker spaniel featured in a famous 1952 address by Richard Nixon?

What was the subject of a 1964 decision in which Justice Potter Stewart wrote, "I know it when I see it"?

What former president's initials are "U" and "S"?

Proposition 8, California's controversial 2008 ballot measure, dealt with what hot-button issue?

What former U.S. president is often referred to by the nickname "Poppy"?

The first U.S. presidential election in which Barack Obama was eligible to vote was won by whom?

Outraging conservationists, who said "A tree is a tree, how many more do you need to look at?"

The U.S. government issues federal Stafford loans to help borrowers pay for what?

Someone who has declared his candidacy for elected office is said to be "throwing his hat" where?

Though his successor removed them, what U.S. President was the first to install solar panels on the White House roof?

Though mostly free of it as an adult, which of these politicians grew up with a strong stutter?

President Bush gave his famous "Mission Accomplished" speech in 2003 aboard what aircraft carrier?

Refusing the Secret Service, what First Lady was given her own gun and later wrote, "I carried it religiously"?

President Barack Obama was born during whose presidential administration?

President Donald Trump was born during whose presidential administration?

The politician Rob Ford admitted after heavy pressure in 2013 to be using crack cocaine. In what city was mayor?

The far-right party Golden Dawn has grown in power following the financial crisis in the euro zone. Which country does the organization come from?

Which former U.S. president could have been 100 years old on the 9th of January 2013 if he was still alive?

On the 13th of March 2013 Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope and thus became head of both the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. Which pope name did he choose?

Pope Francis was appointed head of the Roman Catholic Church in 2013. Which country is he from?

Which right-wing party had several of its members arrested by the Greek police in 2013, as part of the investigation into the murder of the anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas?

Which world-renowned politician passed away on the 8th of April 2013 at the age of 87 years?

Which South American head of state was in July 2013 denied to fly over French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese territory and therefore detained at the airport in Vienna for 14 hours, all because the United States suspected that the whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board?

What was the name of the Venezuelan president, who left this world the 5th of March 2013 at a military hospital in Caracas?

How many refugees, who were not refugees in their own country, were there worldwide in 2013, according to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR?