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Who makes the Fiesta and Ka models?

Which Swedish motor vehicle manufacturer acquired the Dutch company DAF in the mid-1970s?

The first robot was introduced in which year?

The modern LCD or Liquid Crystal Display was first developed by James Fergason in which year?

The world's first pocket calculator was invented by the Sharp Corporation in which year?

The first Mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in which year?

DNA fingerprinting was first explained to the world by Alec Jeffreys in which year?

In which year was the Galileo spacecraft launched?

The first commercial ballpoint pen was invented by Laszlo Biro in which decade?

The world's first microwave oven was built and demonstrated by Percy Spencer in which decade?

What generation is the now almost forgotten and then so-called EDGE technology?

What can you see with Kirlian photography?

What did John Harrison invent in 1757?

What was not the name of a US space mission?

What was the name of the supercomputer that defeated chess master Garri Kasparov in 1997?

Which European country has the most nuclear power plants?

Which type of bomb was invented by Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam in 1952?

Which country introduced the worlds first diesel locomotive in 1912?

Which European country has sent the most people into space?

Christopher Cockerel invented what?

Fredrick Sanger found which life saver in 1951?

What colour is an aircraft's black box?

What did Otto Frederick Rohwedder invent in 1928 that changed the world forever, though not immediately?

Who invented the submachine gun in 1920?

Which VW auto was not named after a wind?

John Logie Baird is some times credited with which invention?

What was the name of Jurij Gagarin's space capsule?

With 200 tonnes, the heaviest what ever built is found within the walls of the Kremlin?

With 40 tonnes, the largest what ever built is found within the walls of the Kremlin?

In which city, famous for its ship building, was the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 built?

The largest industrial complex in the world in the 19th century was found in which English harbour city?

How many seats did the Spitfire fighter plane have?

How many wheels had a hansom cab?

In which year was the lightning rod invented?

In which year did the first steam ship cross the Atlantic?

In which year did the first passenger die in a rail accident?

The age of the railway began in which year with the introduction of the Liverpool-Manchester line?

In which year was the revolver invented?

In which year was the commercial light bulb invented?

In which year did electricity replace steam powered locomotives in the London Underground?

In which year was the first successful Channel crossing by an airplane?

In which year did the unsinkable RMS Titanic sink?

In which year did Charles Lindbergh fly solo across the Atlantic?

In which year was nylon invented?

In which year was the microwave oven invented?

In which year was the first 'Great Blackout' in the eastern United States and Canada?

In which year was the 747 Jumbo jet introduced?

Timber selected from how many fully grown oak trees were needed to build a large 3 decker Royal Navy battle ship in the 18th century?

In 1970 the 'Blue Flame' became the first car to break which speed barrier?

How long did the Wright Brothers first flight last?