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There is a special store in Paris dedicated to Madonna. What is its name?

In which country can you find the record store "Lucky Records" that was opened in 1991 as an tribute to Madonna?

Where could you in 2010 buy Justin Bieber's newly cut hair?

What was the final bid on Justin Bieber's new cut hair, when it was sold at an auction on the Internet in 2010?

Justin Biebers newly cut hair was sold on an internet auction in 2010. How got the money?

When Bieber cut his hair famous hair in 2010, founder and CEO of the toy maker 'The Bridge Direct' Jay Foreman had to adjust all of his Bieber dolls for the coming season. How much did it cost him?

An Israeli social navigation application for smartphones were sold in June 2013. In the context each of the 100 employees were given $1.2 million. Who bought Waze?

The world's largest asset manager manages assets seven times Sweden's GDP. What is the name of this investment manager?

In 2013 LEGO announced a revenue increase of more than 15 percent for the fifth consecutive year. What position did LEGO have on the list of the world's largest toy manufacturers?

Christy Walton was still the world's richest woman in 2013, which she had been since she inherited her husband, John T. Walton, in 2005. Which company is she related to?

On the 18th of October 2013 a large IT company broke through the magic threshold of $1,000 per. share on Nasdaq. Which company was it?

According to Bloombergs billionaire index the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim was the world's richest person in 2012. Who reclaimed this position in 2013?

Yahoo! continued its shopping trend in 2013 and bought the blog service Tumblr for about $1.1 billion. What was the name of Yahoo's CEO in 2013?

Which blog provider was bought by Yahoo! for about $1.1 billion in 2013?

The U.S. chain of department stores Walmart was in May 2013 sentenced to pay $110 million in fines. What were they convicted of?

Which record label did "One Direction" first sign with?

One Direction are the brand ambassadors for a computer game and have appeared on TV adverts and performed at events. For which game?

Which record label did "One Direction" secondly sign with?

When the tickets went on sale in September 2011 for One Directions 2011/2012 UK tour they sold out in just many minutes?

With all the money Niall has made on One Directions earliest performances, he bought his mum a special gift. What was it?

Which other record company bought Virgin Records in 1992?

When was the record company Virgin Records founded?

Who founded the record company Virgin Records alongside Nik Powell in 1972?

In which country was Virgin Records founded by Richard Branson?

What is the founder of Playboy Enterprise called?

Which magazine was first published by Hugh Hefner in 1953?

Which company uses a pink rabbit in their commercials?

Where is the battery producer Duracell headquartered?

Which products are Duracell known for?

Toyota has two headquarters. One is in Nagoya in Japan. where is the other one?

Which city is Toyota City twinned with?

In which country is the sports equipment manufacturer Asics headquartered?

In which country was the confectionary company HARIBO founded?

Which company produces the video game console PlayStation?

Which company produces the game console Xbox?

Which company owns the car brand Rolls-Royce?

Which company is Ferrari owned by today?

Which fashion house bought Yves Saint Laurent?

In the 1980s, the car brand Datsun changed its name. What was the new name?

Where does the ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs come from?

The ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs started out with three flavours: vanilla, chocolate and?

What is The Bank of England?

When was Fanta first launched?

In which country was Fanta first launched?

What is the Canadian national air carrier called?

What airline alliance is Air Canada a member of?

Which company has owned the brand Lancôme since 1964?

Which country is the world's largest exporter of oil?

How large a percentage of Saudi Arabia's export earnings come from the oil industry?

Which brand is behind the perfume 'Red Door'?