Company Quiz

This quiz contains questions and answers about the companies, firms, company history, the founder, founding of the company, company ownership, finance and other relevant topics.


Questions in this Quiz

Which other record company bought Virgin Records in 1992?

When was the record company Virgin Records founded?

Who founded the record company Virgin Records alongside Nik Powell in 1972?

In which country was Virgin Records founded by Richard Branson?

What is the founder of Playboy Enterprise called?

Which company uses a pink rabbit in their commercials?

Where is the battery producer Duracell headquartered?

Toyota has two headquarters. One is in Nagoya in Japan. where is the other one?

Which city is Toyota City twinned with?

In which country is the sports equipment manufacturer Asics headquartered?

Which company owns the car brand Rolls-Royce?

Which company is Ferrari owned by today?

Which French company bought DKNY in 2001?

Which fashion house bought Yves Saint Laurent?

In the 1980s, the car brand Datsun changed its name. What was the new name?

Where does the ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs come from?

The ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs started out with three flavours: vanilla, chocolate and?

What is the Canadian national air carrier called?

What airline alliance is Air Canada a member of?

Which company has owned the brand Lancôme since 1964?

Which company bought Skype in 2005 for 2.6 billion dollars?

What did Larry Page and Sergey Brin start?

Who is behind the search engine and company Google?

What did Elizabeth Arden found?

Where does the company Adidas originate?

What is the largest, Russian car manufacturer called?

What is the largest Russian airline called?

The airline Aeroflot is from which country?

Where does the brand UMBRO originate?

Where is Logitech headquartered?

Where is Google headquartered?

Where is Adobe Systems headquartered?

Where is Hewlett-Packard headquartered?

Which company did Steve Jobs co-found?

From which country does the oil company Petronas hail?

What is the state-run oil company in Malaysia called?

What is the world's largest natural gas company called?

From which country is the company Gazprom?

What does Chevron deal in?

Where is Chevron headquartered?

In which country is Shell headquartered?

Which company has a scallop shell in its logo?

What is the Dutch oil company called which features a red and yellow scallop shell as its logo?

From which country does the company Nintendo originate?

Which year was McDonald's founded?

How many people does McDonald's employ world-wide?

How many McDonald's restaurants are there world-wide?

From which country is the car brand 'Kia'?

Which car company owns SEAT?

Which car company owns Lamborghini?