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In which country can you kiss the Blarney Stone?

The Colosseum is a landmark in which city?

What Italian city is famous for its canals?

How many hours behind Greenwich Mean Time is California?

How many lakes are there in Finland?

On a clear day how far can one see from the observation platform of the Empire State Building?

Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world is how many times higher than the Niagara Falls?

Most sources claim that Route 66 is how many miles all the way?

What is the cozy interior temperature in the world famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi Sweden?

In which European city is Schiphol Airport?

Where is Dam Square?

What is the name of the famous ancient temple city in the jungle of Cambodia?

In which city can one visit the Palace of the Popes?

The jade green waters of Lake Louise are found in which national park?

In which county can one find Luton Airport?

Where in London can one view the Magna Carta and the Rosetta Stone?

Where is the Astronaut Hall of Fame located?

In which city can one board the luxurious 'Blue Train'?

The Royal Mile is a famous street in which capital city?

Which country's postage stamps bear the inscription "Suomi"?

Where in New York City is the 'Canyon of Heroes', where the famous ticker tape parades take place?

It is said that the residents of which European capital never sleep?

Which destination for 60s hippies has been called the Paris of the Sahara?  

The German city of Lübeck is world famous for which product?

GUM is the world famous department store in which city?

The 'Liberty Bell' is found in which US city?

In which harbour city is Lord Nelson's flagship HMS Victory?

The most visited city in Brittany has the highest ratio of sea food restaurants in Europe. Which port city is it?

When motoring west in which city does Route 66 end?

When motoring east in which city does Route 66 end?

Which city has the nickname 'Venice of the north'?

Niagara Falls Canada, where the awe inspiring Horseshoe Falls is located, has been given which nickname?    

Younge Street, the longest street in the world, begins in which Canadian city?

Where in New York City is the General Grant National Memorial located?

Where is the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame located?

Where is the Mall of America located?

Which president's national memorial is located on an island in the Potomac River?

In 2009 Bill Clinton attended the unveiling of an 11-foot bronze statue of himself along a boulevard in which then-region of south-eastern Europe?

The section of New York's Central Park known as "Strawberry Fields" memorializes a member of what iconic band?

Vendors at Seattle's Pike Place Market are world famous for doing what?

What U.S. town holds an annual "Wyatt Earp Days" festival to celebrate its most famous lawman?

What U.S. state is home to the airport with the three-letter identification code "DFW"?

The Lido deck on a cruise ship takes its name from a historic seaside resort area in what city?

San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square is the longtime site of a factory that produces which of the following?

What city's subway has white-gloved "platform pushers" that cram commuters into crowded trains?

Tourists intending to visit the capital city of San Jose would receive the best travel advice from what guide book?

Sharing their name with a local river, Boston's mass transit passes are officially called what?

What foreign tourist destination is often reached by visitors traveling on PeruRail?

What city's subway system is referred to by locals as "The Tube"?

What "souvenier" would you buy in the European city Antwerp if you can afford it?