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Tourists intending to visit the capital city of San Jose would receive the best travel advice from what guide book?

Sharing their name with a local river, Boston's mass transit passes are officially called what?

What foreign tourist destination is often reached by visitors traveling on PeruRail?

What city's subway system is referred to by locals as "The Tube"?

What "souvenier" would you buy in the European city Antwerp if you can afford it?

To sound like a New Yorker, you can say "light and sweet" when ordering which of the following?

The aptly named town of Thermopolis, Wyoming boasts that it is home to the world's largest what?

What event was created in the 1920s to attract tourists to Atlantic City after Labor Day?

Presidents View Resort is a somewhat poorly rated hotel with suites that look out at what national landmark?

The war memorial for what branch of the U.S. military depicts soldiers raising a flag at Iwo Jima?

What U.S. state is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame?

The Great Expectations boat ride is an attraction at a British theme park inspired by whom?

What U.S. city has a public transportation system known as MARTA?

Using its local specialty, in 2009 the city of Portland, Maine created a 61-foot long what?

The Darien Gap, the only break in the highway system that runs from Alaska to Chile, lies between what two countries?

To tour the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, you must visit what Hawaiian island?

One of the world's steepest streets in a major city, Filbert Street is located where?

Popular with tourists, what U.S. city's Chinatown features the famous thoroughfare Grant Avenue?

What continent would a person have to go to in order to go to Togo?

When checking your account balance in countries like Spain, Denmark or Turkey, remember that periods are replaced by what?

The Polar Rim section of the San Diego Zoo houses an exhibit featuring which of these animals?

Since 1911, which of these states has proudly featured a "Butter Cow" at its annual State Fair?

Presented as a token of welcome to tourists visiting Hawaii, the "lei" is a garland of flowers commonly worn how?

When it is July in the U.S., what season is it in Argentina?

What famous tourist attraction was closed to the public during the '90s because it was in danger of falling over?

To avoid confusion with a prominent city, what state's tourism department advertises itself as "The State"?

What U.S. state is home to a city that promotes itself with the catchphrase "There's No Place Like Nome!"?

What U.S. state is home to England's historic London Bridge, which was dismantled and moved in 1968?

What country is home to Cape Town International Airport?

Since 2008, "Mustang", a 32-foot-tall sculpture of a blue horse, has stood beside the terminal of what city's airport?

When translated from the French, what is the full name of the resort company known as Club Med?

What country is famous for the scenic fjords that line its shores?

Twenty-five times the size of the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats are located where?

When kissed, which of these landmarks is said to endow visitors with the "gift of gab"?

What is the well-known nickname for Montana, a title hinted at by the state's official motto, "Oro y Plata"?

Paris's largest airport is named after what French leader?

What popular U.S. tourist destination's exterior consists of 142 stainless-steel equilateral triangles?

The "Family Jewels" of the British monarchy are kept under armed guard at what London landmark?

What country's two official languages are French and Creole?

Popular with vacationing parents, a novelty souvenir item reads", My parents went to___ and all I got was this lousy" what?

What European language is often referred to as "Nederlands" by its native speakers?

What international city refers to its Chinatown as "Barrio Chino"?

On which London nightclub did Justin Bieber celebrate his birthday in 2013?

Which year did Justin Bieber have his worst birthday ever?

In 2013 Justin Bieber celebrated his birthday at a nightclub in London. How old did you have to be to enter the club?

What American holiday could on the 28th of November 2013 celebrate its 150th birthday?

The Chinese currency rose to historically high levels in 2013. What is the currency of People's Republic of China's called in everyday language?

What is the name of the official currency of the People's Republic of China?

What value was written on the biggest banknotes in the People's Republic of China in 2013?

Which of the following cities do you visit, if you sail in a gondola?