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What charity organization did Michael Jackson found in 1992?

In which year did Michael Jackson found a charity organization named after one of his singles?

What country was elected to the UN Security Council in 2013, but then surprising turned down the offer because of lack of results in recent years?

Who is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council?

In 2013 Edward Snowden was granted a one-year temporary asylum in Russia. Under which conditions did Putin grant the asylum?

In 2013 thirty Greenpeace activists were arrested during a protest against Russian oil drilling in the Arctic. What was the initial charges against them?

At the end of July 2013 an American city declared itself bankrupt after several decades of economic crisis. Which city?

In 2013 one person draw a lot of public attention due to his opinions about America's monitoring program called 'Prism'. Who?

Which country granted whistleblower Edward Snowden temporarily asylum in July 2013?

In what airport did whistleblower Edward Snowden spent almost a month in transit during 2013?

For which U.S. agency did Edward Snowden work and hereby gain access to the information that he later leaked in 2013?

What was the name of the American soldier who was sentenced 35 years in prison in 2013 for leaking confidential information to WikiLeaks?

In 2013 the former U.S. soldier Bradley Manning was sentenced to a long prison term for leaking confidential information. What did he then change his name to?

Which American film director has helped to form an association with the aim of having the former soldier Chelsey Manning released?

The Eurozone remained in economic crisis in 2013 as the mountain of debt set new highs and a government crisis grew in Portugal. Greece, Italy, Portugal and Ireland were the four most indebted countries in the zone. What country was in fifth place?

Which country in the euro zone was the most indebted in 2013?

Which EU country had at the beginning of 2013 an external debt of 10 percent of its GDP and was thus the least indebted member of the European Union?

Year 2013's revelations of the extent of U.S. wiretaps made one country's president so angry that the country wanted to create its own Internet. Which country?

On the 24th of April 2013 an eight story tall factory building collapsed and buried hundreds of textile workers. In which country did this disaster occur?

What is the official name of a partial suspension of government services and the closure of the U.S. administration?

Which two companies omitted on the 16th of May 2013 to sign a broad industry agreement that would provide better working conditions for all textile workers in Bangladesh?

Prosecutors demanded life imprisonment for the builder behind the collapsed factory building in Bangladesh in 2013. The extremely poor building was to be blamed according to an investigation report. What was the name of the building?

In 2013 the 67-year-old American Janet Yellen was appointed the presidency of which institution as the first woman?

Which American institution was founded by President Woodrow Wilson and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013?

What is the name of the U.S. central bank?

On the 4th of February 2013 Rosa Parks would have been 100 years old if she was still alive. What was she known as?

Liam Payne has dated Danielle Peazer who he met in 2010. What was her profession at that time?

If Liam Payne wasn't a singer he would want to be a..what?

If Niall Horan wasn't a singer he would want to be a..what?

Before Harry Styles became a part of One Direction he had ambitions of becoming what?

Harry Styles once had a part-time job as a..what?

Which of the boys is the leader of One Direction?

What would Zayn Malik want to be if wasn't in One Direction?

What does a firefighter do?

Which course must a firefighter take?

Who works in a fire station?

What does a farmer generally do?

Which of the following animals are not normal for a farmer to breed?

Which of the following are NOT domestic animals?

Where does a sailor work?

What do you call an enlisted person who works on a ship?

What does a police officer do?

What does a hair dresser do?

What does a pilot do?

According to Playboy Magazine, in which month do most Americans lose their virginity?

According to a WHO publication from 2006, which effect has sex education in European schools had?

Which of the following European countries was the first to introduce mandatory sex education in school?

Which of the following countries was in 2011 the only one to have obligatory sex education in schools?

Which of the following countries was the last to introduce obligatory sex education in schools?

How many sovereign states does Queen Elizabeth II reign over?