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Which European country is ruled by The House of Orange?

Which organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1917, 1944, and 1963?

The Rainbow Warrior was what form of transport?

The US senate assed a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to seek damages from which nation in May 2016?

Traditionally, what does a cooper make?

Which US State has the Orange Blossom as its State Flower?

Who was famously killed in the Ides of March?

How many time zones are there in the USA?

How many months is the average American said to spend in a lifetime waiting at a red light?

How many hours a month does the average American spend in a shopping mall?

According to the UN how many people in the world are starving?

What is the only breed of dog that is allowed to testify in a US courtroom?

In which county is Chequers, the country residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

In which city does the National Assembly of Wales sit?

Which country has the largest army in the world?

Which of these countries has the smallest army?

Famine in which country triggered the Band Aid Charity?

According to the World Health Organisation which capital city has the worst air pollution anno 2018?

Which is the most densely populated country in Europe?

In which US state is Area 51?

According to the 'Global Peace Index' what is the safest country in the world anno 2018?

Which street in London takes its name from a croquet like game once played by Charles II?

About 50% of all the men on the Greek island Corfu have which first name?

Which African country is not a monarchy?

Where does a Halbardier Gaurdsman work?

How many people are there in a US Grand Jury?

For how many years did Queen Victoria reign?

What number on Pennsylvania Avenue would you find the White House?

In which year were the Salem witchcraft trials?

In which year was the last legal execution of a witch in Great Britain?

In which year was the last legal execution of a witch in Scotland?

In which year were postage stamps introduced?

In which year was Nelson Mandela sentenced to life in prison?

In which year was Prince Charles invested as The Prince of Wales?

In which year did the Rainbow Warrior sink?

What was the worlds population in AD 1?

The 'nuclear football' or briefcase with the nuclear codes must always be within how many metres of the US President?

What was banned in USA in January 1920?

Robben Island was a prison near which city?

In which country did an earthquake kill an estimated 250,000 people in 1976?

William Kemmler, back in 1890, was the first person to be killed using what lethal method?

Michelle Obama launched which campaign to help tackle childhood obesity on February 9, 2010?

On 22nd October 1995, the 50th anniversary of the foundation of which of these organizations was celebrated in New York City?

Queen Elizabeth II was corinated in which of these years?

The appointed length of a secretary general with the United Nations is how many years?

What country did King Hussein rule from August 1952 until his death in 1999?

What is any helicopter that the president flies on called?

What is the highest Non Commissioned rank in the British Army?

What rank in the Household Cavalry is the equivalent of a Corporal?

What was the head of state in Iran called before the revolution of 1979?