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Fun Facts Quiz

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Which of the following women was one of the first women world-wide to own a vibrator?

What made one of the world's first vibrators for sexual stimulation vibrate?

Which of the following animals can reproduce itself without a sexual act?

According to Playboy Magazine, in which month do most Americans lose their virginity?

Which of the following can you do if you want to improve your sexual performance?

Which of the following ingredients would you typically chose if you were to put together a seductive meal?

Which famous womanizer is said to have used linen condoms when seducing his conquests?

How thick is an average condom?

Which of the following European countries was the first to introduce mandatory sex education in school?

How long does an orgasm last for a female pig (a sow)?

What effect does the orgasm have for the sperm in female mammal's inner genitals?

Which shape does the penis of a male pig (a boar) have?

In ancient civilizations, removal of the human penis of fallen enemies was sometimes used as a means of what?

In which of the following films do the two main roles kiss an impressive 127 times?

How many times does Don Juan kiss in the film of the same name from 1926?

Which of the following films contains the longest kiss in film history?

Which Oscar-winning film was the first Hollywood film to feature a real tongue kiss?

From 1905 onwards, Lenin was exiled in Europe. When did he return to St. Petersburg?

When was the last person in France killed by being decapitated by a guillotine?

Who is the longest-ruling Head of State in the history of Europe?

According to a persistent rumour, George Washington had teeth made out of wood. An examination has shown that his false teeth were made out of a different material altogether. Which one?

The Red Baron is a flying ace, credited with more air combat victories than any other pilots. How many?

The Bank of England was founded in 1694 which makes it the world's...?

In 1799, one of Napoleon's soldiers found a stone making it possible to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. What is the famous stone called?

A male bee sticks his genitals into the queen bee. What happens to him afterwards?

Most men like to make themselves bigger than they are. This is also true for the frigatebird, but which colour is its heart-shaped balloon?

Female hyenas are both bigger and more powerful than their male counterparts. What else is special about the female hyena?

Giraffes are very tall animals, and tall animals have high blood-pressure. This means that mating is hard work for the male, and as such he checks first to make sure the female is in heat. How?

Most people are aware that dolphins are intelligent animals. But do you also know what is special about the male dolphin's penis?

What did they forget to tell us about clownfish in the cartoon 'Finding Nemo'?

How have zoos succeeded in having more pandas held in captivity mate?

This animal shoots a chalk dart into the partner before they copulate. Scientists are still not quite sure why, but which animal are we talking about?

Which of the following animals mate by the male piercing the female's body with his hypodermic genitalia and leaving his semen behind?

This animal pees on the female from up to 6 metres' distance before they copulate. Which animal are we referring to?

What is the gender mix in a typical ant's nest?

An argonaut is a weird kind of octopus. The size difference between males and females is enormous. How big is it?

If being a bit provocative, what could you call the mating ritual of Whiptail Lizards?

Anglerfish live in the deep sea and lure prey with a fishy growth on their head akin to a fishing reel. What characterises the relationship of two anglerfish?

Argentine lake ducks possess the longest penis of all birds. The duck itself measures some 40 cm. How long is its penis?

Which animal has the largest penis in the world?

Gorillas are the largest extant species of primates. How long are their penises?

Which American actress once said that "Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships"?

How long is the longest erect penis ever measured?

How long is the shortest erect human penis ever recorded?

What was the name of the British ship which in 1789 became the scene of a famous mutiny?

In 1964, who became the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Who said the famous words "I Have a Dream"?

Fausto Coppi dominated during his career as a cyclist, but died in 1960 from a disease contracted in the tropics. Which one?

How many hairpins are there on the 13.8 km climb up Alpe d'Huez, a legendary part of the Tour de France?

In 1973, this actor was the biggest taxpayer in the Us. Who is he?