Who directed "The Number 23", starring Jim Carrey?

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Who directed "The Number 23", starring Jim Carrey?

Joel Schumacher


The American film director Joel Schumacher (born 1939) is relatively unknown despite a long CV. He had his real breakthrough in 1993 with the film "Falling Down", starring Michael Douglas as a hugely frustrated man who runs rampant on a city. After this, Schumacher received several offers and e.g. directed two Batman film during the 1990s. Jim Carrey collaborated with him on "The Mystic Number 23" in 2003. Schumacher also directed the smaller film "Tigerland", starring Colin Farrel. He worked with Farrel again for the 2002 film "Phone Booth" which also starred Kiefer Sutherland. The whole film was made in 9 days, insanely fast for a Hollywood production.


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