For which film did Christopher Walken win an Oscar?

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For which film did Christopher Walken win an Oscar?

Deer Hunter


The American actor Christopher Walken was born in New York in 1943. Through the 1970s he appeared in films such as "Annie Hall", where he played Diane Keaton's suicidal brother. The year after, in 1978, his big break came with his Oscar-winning perforamnce in "Deer Hunter", a drama about the Vietnam War. Walken tends to play mentally unstable roles, not least due to his nervous looks. He has also acted in comedis, however - for instance "Catch Me If You Ca" and "The Wedding Crashers". Although it is a minor role, he is probably most famous for his portrayal of an ex officer in the film "Pulp Fiction". His character gives an old warch that he has carried around in his rectum for years to a boy. Apart from his acting talent, Walken is also a very accomplished chef.


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