Who directed "All That Jazz" from 1979?

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Who directed "All That Jazz" from 1979?

Bob Fosse


The American author and film director Bob Fosse was born in Chicago in 1927. He quickly moved to New York to work in theatre. Fosse started directing film musicals in the late 1960s and had his break through with the film "Cabaret" (1972), for which he won an Oscar for Best Director. The film takes place in Berlin in the 1930s and stars Liza Minelli. Some years later he directed "Lenny", featuring Dustin Hoffman in the role as the provocative stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce. In 1979 he received more critical acclaim with "All That Jazz" with Roy Schneider and Jessica Lange on the role list, amongst others. Before his death in 1987, he wrote a partly biographical novel about his home town, Chicago. The novel was turned into an Oscar-winning film in 2002. He was also known for the quote: "Live like you'll die tomorrow, work like you don't need the money, and dance like nobody's watching".


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