Who directed John Travolta's second film, "Carrie", from 1976?

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Who directed John Travolta's second film, "Carrie", from 1976?

Brian De Palma


The American actor John Travolta was born in New Jersey in 1954. He started his career in a couple of tv series of moderate success. The second feature film he was in was "Carrie", directed by Brian de Palma. It became a hit with the audience. His big break came with the film "Saturday Night Fever" from 1977 which centres around disco music. Here, he played the role of Tony Manero. He followed up this role with the one as Danny Zuko in "Grease" (1978). After this early success things went downhill for Travolta who no longer got cast for big roles. This all changed when Quentin Tarantino hired him for the role of Vince in "Pulp Fiction". The role became his come back, and since then, he has been seen e.g. as General Quintard in Terrence Malick's "The Thin Red Line". John Travolta is a huge aviation enthusiast and owns a Boeing 707 which is parked in his back garden.


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