Who directed "The Commitments" from 1991?

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Who directed "The Commitments" from 1991?

Alan Parker


The British director Alan Parker was born in London in 1944. He is known for using a lot of music in his films and has also directed several musicals. He broke through with "Fame" in 1980 and followed up with "Pink Floyd - The Wall", starring Bob Geldorf as Pink. Parker also saw success in 1991 with the film-version of "The Commitments" which takes place in Ireland and stars Andrew Strong. Next, he directed the pop star Madonna in the film "Evita" about an Argentine actress and her relationship with the president. Alan Parker has said that he is so pleased with his job that he is afraid of the day he has to stop: "I'm always afraid someone's going to tap me on the shoulder one day and say, ┬┤Back to North London┬┤".


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