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How high is the Eiffel Tower?
When did Denmark win the european championship in football?
What does the abbreviation HTML stand for?
Historically, it has been used as an icon in various religious and occult contexts. How many edges are there in a pentagram?
Around planet Earth there are approximately 25.000 nautical miles. How long is the international nautical mile?
What is the capital city of Germany?
What is the capital city of Australia?
What is the official capital city in the Netherlands?
What is the capital of Turkey?
What is the capital city of Bulgaria?
What is the capital city of the Czech Republic called?
What is the capital of Italy called?
What is the capital of Spain called?
What is the administrative capital of South Africa called?
The use of this metal and chemical element can be traced back to 3,500 BC. Which chemical element is number 28 in the Periodic Table?
We breathe this chemical element every day and with each breath we take. Which number in the periodic table has oxygen?
Which chemical element is the lightest, but at the same time it is estimated to take up 3/4 of the Universe's mass?
Which of the following countries was not one of the original members of the European Coal and Steel Community, the predecessor to the EU?
Which of the following children's diseases can be dangerous if you are pregnant?
What is the brain of depressed people thought to be lacking?
What three colours make up the Russian flag?
What three colours make up the German flag?
What colours make up the Dutch flag?
What is the highest point in Turkey called?
How many continents are there?
In what country by the Black Sea is the capital called Tbilisi?
What is the name of Sir Arhtur Conan Doyle's most famous detective?
In which part of Italy does the criminal syndicate Cosa Nostra originate?
How high is the world's highest mountain Mount Everest?
Who was the first man on the moon?
What is the capital city of Denmark?
How long does a normal pregnancy last?
What is the river that runs through Rome called?
What was the code name for Nazi-Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union that began on 22 June 1941?
In what way was the release of the Radiohead album "In Rainbows" unique?
He is connected with the first circumnavigation of Earth. What is this explorer called?
Which decade did the airship Hindenburg explode?
During which decade did the then Egyptian president Nasser nationalise the Suez Canal?
What does BMI stand for?
When was AIDS recognised officially as a disease for the first time?
What is one of the main sources for Vitamin D, needed by the body to maintain strong bones and teeth?
Where in the world can you find the Tierra del Fuego?
I which city was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born?
Hvad does the abbreviation ROM stand for?
What does the abbreviation RAM stand for?
What year was the Internet a reality when 213 computers from different universities were tied together in a network that grew to 300,000 computers in the next ten years?
When was the first email sent?
How many bits is a kilobyte?
How many bytes is a terabyte (TB)?
What was the explorer Vasco da Gama the first to do?
Who won the Football World Cup in 2006?
Who won the football World Cup in 2002?
Who won the football World Cup in 1998?
Which country has won the most Football World Cup titles?
Which player has totally scored most goals at the World Cup?
When was the first computer program written?
When was the first real computer virus released?
When was the first electronic digital computer built?
When was the transistor invented?
Who invented the World Wide Web?
Who created Mosaic, the first browser with inline images?
How many computers did IBM believe that could be sold worldwide when they invented the term 'personal computer' (PC)?
What was the first operating system for IBM's Personal Computer (PC)?
Who founded Microsoft in 1975 with Bill Gates?
Which nationality was Marco Polo?
When did Christopher Columbus discover America?
Which nationality was Christopher Columbus?
Who was the famous Chinese Zheng He?
What was Jacques-Yves Cousteau's famous ship called?
How much did Germany have to pay in reparations after World War II?
How much was Germany to pay in reparations to the Entente, according to the Treaty of Versailles?
Which race car driver has won the most Formula 1 world championships?
Who was Tom Cruise married to until 2012?
Who either directed or produced all six Star Wars films?
What is the title of Star Wars Episode IV?
Who directed the 1994 film 'Pulp Fiction'?
Who directed the film 'Titanic'?
Who directed the film trilogy 'Lord Of The Rings'?
Which then 80-year old statesman married Graça Machel in 1998?
In which country was Enver Hoxha the president from 1944 to 1985?
In which film can you meet Inspector Harry Callahan?
Who directed the film 'Spartacus'?
Who directed the 1995 film 'Braveheart'?
What is the main character of the four 'Lethal Weapon' films, played by Mel Gibson, called?
What country does Arnold Schwarzenegger come from?
Who of the following was not a member of the Beatles?
Who organized the Live Aid for the benefit of Africa in 1985?
Which is Europe's largest football stadium?
Which country elected Vladimir Putin their president in 2000?
Which voice type is the lowest?
Which voice has the highest pitch?
What is the female lead in the 1939 film classic 'Gone with the Wind' called?
What is the male lead in the 1939 film classic 'Gone With the Wind' called?
What American actor was Adolf Hitler's favourite actor?
Who was the despotic leader of Uganda from 1971 until 1979?
Which musical was a co-production by Andersson, Ulvaeus and Tim Rice?
Which city is famous for its leaning tower?
What does "kilo" mean?
Which boy band made noted singer Ronan Keating famous?
What was the name of the four-star general who was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military position in the Department of Defense, during the first Gulf War (1991)?
Which country was until 2011 Africa's largest in terms of landmass?
Which of these Walt Disney cartoons premiered first in full feature film length?
Which of these is not one of Disney's seven dwarfs?
In which country would you find the Tamil Tigers?
Which of these films does not feature Marilyn Monroe?
When did the first British convicts arrive in New South Wales in Australia?
Which male tennis player has been ranked no. 1 on the world ranking list most years in a row?
Who became Secretary General of NATO after Javier Solana?
Which of these American states covers the smallest land area?
In which decade were the first Superman comics published?
Which of these persons is not one of the four Baldwin brothers, all of whom are Hollywood actors?
Which rodent is good at building dams?
The French word baguette denotes what?
What is the southern-most point in Greenland called?
What is the name of Herman Melville's classic novel, which begins with the words "Call me Ishmael"?
Which of the following countries is an OPEC member?
What is the correct term describing the situation where a king in a chess game is check and can not move to a new square without also being check?
What was the little island in Polynesia called where the Bounty mutineers settled?
Which of these rivers is the longest?
Where would you find bedouins?
In which city does Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' take place?
Who wrote "Romeo and Juliet"?
Which planet is the fifth from the sun?
Which planet is the largest in the solar system?
Which of the following films starred Dustin Hoffman?
Which of the following films starred Bruce Willis?
In what country would you find the volcano Cotopaxi?
In which country can you experience bullfighting?
Who was Simón Bolívar?
From which country is the car brand 'Kia'?
How many Citroën 2CV models have been produced?
Which car company owns SEAT?
Which car company owns Lamborghini?
Who founded Volkswagen?
Which comic book character gains extraordinary strength by eating spinach?
The mighty Popeye has taken a fancy to a particular lady. What is her name?
Popeye first appeared as a minor character in an Elzie C. Segar comic strip. Which one?
With which villainous character does Popeye fight to gain the favor of a charming lady?
What is the name of Asterix's brawny friend?
In which decade was the comic book Asterix first published?
What is the width of an official volleyball court?
Which parts of the body are volleyball players allowed to use to touch the ball during a math?
What is the offical capital of Bolivia called?
From which country does Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings-trilogy, amongst other things, hail from?
What is the city Cusco in Peru known for?
The distinctive mountains in Venezuela are called Tepuis. What makes them so special?
How much does a human brain weigh on average?
Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the only one to remain intact?
Which chromosomal disorder do people born with Down's syndrome suffer from?
What year was the boyband New Kids On The Block disbanded?
How many films did Elvis play in?
How old was Elvis Presley when he died?
Which musician has lived in Graceland?
Which country is the popidol Shakira originally from?
Which year was the singer Shakira born?
When Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 2007, how many member states did the Union then altogether have?
In which part of the body does the infectious disease tuberculosis normally begin?
Which year did the Americans drop two atomic bombs on Japan?
What was the "Manhattan Project"?
Which American president approved the dropping of 2 atomic bombs over Japan towards the end of World War II?
Who was the first American president?
Who was President of the USA during the 1962 Cuba crisis?
The Cuba Crisis lasted for 13 nerve-wrecking days where the US and the USSR were on the verge of starting an atomic war. Which year did it take place?
Who is known to have said the phrase "Ich bin ein Berliner"?
Which year was John F. Kennedy shot?
Where do the words "To be or not to be, that's the question" come from?
Who wrote "Hamlet"?
What was the full name of Lenin, the founder of the Soviet state?
What is Ravioli?
What is the name of the lead singer of The Rolling Stones?
Of which band is the lead singer Mick Jagger?
Who wrote the hit song "Born in the U.S.A."?
In which American state is Bruce Springsteen born?
How long is the Trans-Siberian railway?
Robbie Williams was a member of a boy band before he started his solo career. What was the name of the band?
What is the name of Robbie Williams' first album?
In what year was Robbie Williams born?
Which well-known museum is located in city of Figueres in Spain?
Where is Tycho Brahe buried?
In which country was Tycho Brahe born?
In what year was the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen born?
Who wrote the fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes"
Which year was McDonald's founded?
How many people does McDonald's employ world-wide?
How many McDonald's restaurants are there world-wide?
When was the first Jumbo Jet produced?
How many Boeing 747s have been sold altogether?
How many times has Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest with English lyrics?
Which cyclist won Tour de France five times in a row in the 1990s?
Who has won Tour de France most times including deleted victories?
How many times has Lance Armstrong officially won the Tour de France?
Who won the Tour de France in 2007?
What is the hardest part of the body?
How much of our genetic material do humans share with chimpanzees?
What is the blood vessel called that carries the blood back to the heart?
How many bones are a human skull made up of?
What is the function of the spleen?
What is Alzheimer's disease?
What is diabetes?