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From which film is the hit 'Eye of the Tiger' known?
Where is the 80's band Alphaville from?
From what country is the band Survivor, who wrote the hit song "Eye of the Tiger"?
Who wrote the songs "Purple Haze" and "The Wind Cries Mary"?
What instrument did Jimi Hendrix play?
What band had its popular breakthrough with the song "Ring, Ring"?
With what song did ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974?
What band has the members Benny, Bjørn, Anni-Frid and Agnetha?
Who wrote the song "SOS"?
Who released the album "Back to Basics" in 2006?
Who released the album "Stripped" in 2002?
Who sang the title song for the Disney movie "Mulan" as a child?
When did Christina Aguilera debut with the album "Christina Aguilera"?
In what country is the capital called Phnom Penh?
What is the capital of Cambodia called?
From which country did Cambodia gain independence in 1953?
Which band is known for the two brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher?
What are the names of the brothers who played in the band Oasis together?
Which band debuted with the album "Definitely Maybe"?
Which band released the B-side collection "The Master Plan" in 1998?
Which country is the band "The Rasmus" from?
Which band had its international breakthrough with the hit single "In the Shadows" in 2003?
What is the capital of Botswana called?
Where in Africa is Botswana located?
The country is the same size as France, but how many people live in Botswana?
From which country did Botswana gain independence in 1966?
What is the capital of Brazil called?
In what country is Rio de Janeiro?
How many people live in Brazil?
What is Brazil's largest city called?
What European country did the sultanat Brunei gain its independence from in 1984?
What oil-rich country does not levy an income tax?
What is the capital of Brunei called?
Which country is the world's largest exporter of oil?
How large a percentage of Saudi Arabia's export earnings come from the oil industry?
Which brand is behind the perfume 'Red Door'?
How many people live in the Czech Republic?
How many inhabitants does Germany have?
How many people live in Greece?
How many inhabitants does Spain have?
How many people live in France?
How many inhabitants does Italy have?
How many people live in Portugal?
How many people live in Great Britain?
How many people live in the EU?
What country is the most populous EU member state?
Which country is the second most populous EU member state?
On which route did RMS Queen Mary sail between 1936 and 1967, only interrupted by World War II?
In which country is the capital called Sofia?
In which country is the capital called Ougadougou?
What is the capital of Burkina Faso called?
Which country was previously known as the Republic of Upper Volta?
Which colonial power did Burkina Faso once belong to?
Which country was the colonial power of Burundi until 1962?
In which country is the capital called Bujumbura?
What is the capitel of Burundi called?
What did Robert Baden-Powell found?
Which sense do you use to read the Braille system?
What did the Frenchman Louis Braille invent?
Who uses the Braille alphabet?
Which alphabet was invented by the Frenchman Louis Braille?
What is the capital of Cameroon called?
In what country is the capital called Yaoundé?
What is the capital of Canada called?
In which country is the capital called Ottawa?
How many people live in Canada?
Who is the formal head of state of Canada?
What city is Canada's largest?
How many people live in Toronto?
In which country is Toronto located?
What does the abbreviation FIFA stand for?
Who organizes the Football World Cup?
When was the international football federation (FIFA) founded?
In connection with what sport would you know FIFA?
When was the first Football World Cup held?
Which band has a mascot named "Eddie"?
Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of what band?
What is the name of the lead singer of Iron Maiden?
In which religion is friday the holy day of the week?
In which religion is the Qur'an the holy book?
What is the name of the Holy Book in Islam?
In which world religion is the Bible a holy book?
Which of the following books is not a holy scripture?
Which of the following classical works of literature is about the art of love?
Which English castle is identical with the castle Camelot described in the Arthurian legend?
In which year did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?
Which Scottish doctor discovered penicillin in 1928?
Which substance is used to kill off bacteria growth?
What is an antibiotic?
In which American rock band does Lars Ulrich play the drums?
When was the heavy metal band Metallica formed?
What is the name of the lead singer of Metallica?
Which was the first Metallica album?
What is the name of the documentary that depicts the production of the Metallica Album "St. Anger"?
Which member of Metallica was killed in a bus accident in 1986?
How was Cliff Burton, who was the bass player in Metallica, killed?
In what country was Metallica's bass player killed in a bus accident?
With which role did Harrison Ford have his break-through?
In which film did Harrison Ford have his break-through?
In which year was Harrison Ford born?
Which role is Calista Flockhart best known for?
Which of these bodies of water is not part of the Mediterranean?
Which vitamin are you deficient in if you suffer from scurvy?
Who was Akira Kurosawa?
Which of the following films was directed by the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa?
What was the first Chancellor of West Germany called?
Which company has owned the brand Lancôme since 1964?
What is the name of the castle from whence King Arthur according to legend ruled England?
What is The Bank of England?
When was Bank of England founded?
What is the name of the bank which has the monopoly on issuing bank notes in England and Wales called?
Who introduced and traded with indulgence?
When was Fanta first launched?
In which country was Fanta first launched?
Which country was the band "A-Ha" from?
How many members did the Norwegian band "A-Ha" have?
Which song by the rock trip A-Ha was a hit in the United States in 1984?
What band had the members Pål Waaktar, Mange Furuholmen and Morten Harke?
Who made the album "Hunting High and Low"?
What does the abbreviation AIDS stand for?
What is the infection AIDS caused by?
Where is Alcatraz located?
What was Alcatraz used as?
In which year was Alcatraz last used as a prison?
What is the Canadian national air carrier called?
What airline alliance is Air Canada a member of?
The biological evolution on a macro-level has not invented organisms with the energy saving advantages that a wheel gives, and many years would pass before humans invented it. When was the cart wheel invented?
In which country was the cart wheel first invented?
What is Isaac Newton known as having formulated?
Who wrote the work "The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"?
When did Isaac Newton live?
"Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" is considered one of the key oeuvres of all times. Who wrote it?
Who was Ernest Rutherford?
Which people were the first in the world to grow and use cocoa?
When was cocoa first cultivated?
What is the name of the world-famous cartoon cat who loves lasagna?
Which cartoon strip features a dog called Odie?
When was the comic strip Garfield first printed?
Who wrote and drew the comic strip Garfield?
Which of the following objects cannot be considered accessories?
From which language does the term "accessory" in the sense of "decorative item" derive?
What is the basic meaning of the word "accessory"?
How many kilometres of veins, arteries and capillaries does a human have?
How many muscles does a human being have?
How many litres of blood are pumped through a human heart every minute?
Who was the first man on Earth according to the Bible?
Where do you find the Adam's Apple?
What do you struggle with if you suffer from aphasia?
Besides English, what other language is an offical language in South Africa?
What is an aphrodisiac?
What do you call a substance allegedly able to stimulate your sexual desire and performance?
What do you call the loss of the ability to recognise the various senses?
What do you call the fear of open spaces?
In the 1980s, the car brand Datsun changed its name. What was the new name?
Where does the ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs come from?
The ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs started out with three flavours: vanilla, chocolate and?
What was the name of the British explorer who became the first European to explore Australia's east coast?
What was the name of the ship James Cook used for his first voyage?
Where was James Cook killed by locals after a fight over an unimportant item?
Which name did Abel Tasman, after whom Tasmania is named, give to Australia in 1644?
Which country was named "New Holland" in 1644?
How many people were killed by the big tsunami in Asia in 2004?
Which year did a huge tsunami sweep through many parts of Asia whilst many tourists were on their Christmas break in the area?
Who played the lead in Danny Boyle's 1996 film 'Trainspotting'?
What role did Ewan McGregor play in the new Star Wars films?
Who played the role as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the new Star Wars films?
Who played the male lead in the 2001 musical 'Moulin Rouge'?
What American actor and bachelor is known from films such as 'Out of Sight' and 'Three Kings'?
What is the name of the pop star Michael Jackson's sister?
When did the pop star Michael Jackson begin his solo career?
With what band did Michael Jackson debut in 1963?
When did the singer Michael Jackson debut?
Who released "Thriller", which is so-far the most commercially successful album in pop history?
What was the name of the album released by Michael Jackson in 1982, which so far is the most commercially successful album in the history of pop music?
What price was Michael Jackson's ranch, Neverland, sold at in 2008?
Which year did Michael Jackson sell his ranch called Neverland?
What did Michael Jackson name his home after?
When did Michael Jackson by land, so that he could build his future home - the Neverland Ranch?
What is the name of the ranch Michael Jackson sold in 2008?
Which rare disease did Michael Jackson suffer from, which made his skin turn pale?
When was Michael Jackson diagnosed with vitiligo?
Which method did Michael Jackson use to make his skin look whiter in the end of the 1980's?
In 1993 Michael Jackson was accused of sexual abuse of minors. What he was sentenced after the trial?
In 1993 Michael Jackson was accused of abusing the boy Jordan Chandler. How old was the boy?
Where did Michael Jackson travel when the trial against him in 2005 was over?
Who did the singer Michael Jackson marry in 1994?
How many children did Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley's daughter have?
Who did Michael Jackson marry in 1996?
How old was the pop singer Michael Jackson in 2008?
How many times has Michael Jackson been divorced?
How many children did the pop star Michael Jackson have?
Who is the mother to Michael Jackson's third child, Prince Michael Jackson II?
How many times has Michael Jackson been married?
Which Italian family had a large influence on the development of the Italian Renaissance?
What principles form the foundation for the Renaissance art of perspective?
Which art principle from the Renaissance was based on the point of view of a single eye?
Which visitor arrived in Europe before the blossoming of the Renaissance?
When did the Renaissance commence?
What was the Italian Lorenzo Ghiberti's profession?
Who created the ten gilded bronze reliefs for the Baptistry of Florence in the Renaissance?