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How many people watched the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009?
All these songs have silly titles, but nevertheless, all but one won the Eurovision Song Contest. Which one didn't?
German singer Nicole surprised when she won the ESC final in 1982 with the song "Ein bisschen Frieden". What did she do?
What was Norway's entry for the ESC 1980 about?
What country has won the Eurovision Song Contest with the biggest points margin?
What country has received 12 points most times in a Eurovision Song Contest final?
What international singer participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970?
Julio Iglesias sang for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970. What job did he have before he became a singer?
What did Turkish television do, the first time Cyprus sang in the Eurovision Song Contest?
What is the Irish commentator from the BBC called who is known for his cynic and sarcastic comments at the Eurovision Song Contest?
What was Poland's best result ever in the Eurovision Song Contest?
Where was the ESC final held in 1992?
Which of the following UK entries did not win the Eurovision Song Contest?
What big European country did not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998-2010?
What boy band represented the UK at the ESC 2011?
What was the title of the song that won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006?
What was the Finish group called that won the ESC in 2006?
What country has waited the longest to win the Eurovision Song Contest?
What is the biggest live audience that has ever been present at a ESC final?
Where was the biggest show for an ESC final held?
What was the smallest location ever for an ESC final?
The Greek Singer Nana Mouskouri participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for which country?
What famous English/Australian actress has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest?
How many times has Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest?
How many points did the Czech Republic get in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009?
What was the best Czech result in the ESC?
What Eurovision Song Contest show was the most expensive ever (before 2012)?
What international star won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988?
Who is the only head of state to have stood on the stage in a final of the Eurovision Song Contest
What year were the rules changed to allow performers to use previously taped backing music for the Eurovision Song Contest?
In 1969, victory was shared between four countries. Which were they?
What famous Spanish artist produced the PR material for the Eurovision Song Contest final in 1969?
What happened to the girls in the UK entry of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981?
Which country is highlighted on the map?
This singer was no. 1 on the UK Singles Chart in 2008, as the first Welsh woman in 25 years. What is her name?
Which of the following artists was not chosen to compete for the competition to find the best Eurovision Song Contest song throughout history?
What is the record number of countries that has participated in a Eurovision Song Contest final (incl semi-finals)?
How many times did the Spanish sing "la" in their song "La la la", with which they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968?
Where was singer Karel Gott from who represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968?
The American heavy band Slipknot sued a fast-food franchise in 2005. Which one?
This band performs in horror movie-style masks and is called Slipknot. What is the name of their 1999 debut album?
This band was politically active on behalf of the Democrats, and was led by vocalist Michael Stipe. What was their name?
What is the name of the lead singer of the American rock band R.E.M.?
In what year was the R.E.M. album "Automatic for the People" released?
How many years passed between the release of the R.E.M. albums "Out of Time" and "Automatic for the People"?
Which band member and co-founder left R.E.M. in 1997 after 17 active years as drummer?
In music, the term crescendo refers to an increase in volume. What term refers to the opposite?
The Clash were part of the punk wave of the 70's and 80's. What country were they from?
"London Calling" from 1979 was this band's third LP, and is considered one of the best of its day. What is the name of the band?
"Blowing in the Wind" is arguably the most famous Bob Dylan song. What album did it feature in?
"Lay Lady Lay" was written by a major figure in musical the last five decades. Who?
"Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan is arguably the great rock 'n' roll song of all times. Which album did it feature on?
Mark Knopfler is known for a distinctive part of his guitar technique. Which one?
The band Gogol Bordello is named after Nikolai Gogol. Who was he?
What is the name of Jennifer Lopez' debut album from 1999?
What was the conductor Ronnie Hazlehurst aporting when conducting Great Britain's 1977 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest?
Which year was the first year a semi-final was introduced in the Eurovision Song Contest?
What was the theme for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Turkey?
For the 1969 Eurovisiong Song Contest, Salomé wore a dress made out a particular material. Which one?
Which well-known girl band had the hits "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Say My Name" and "Survivor"?
Will Smith is known for his profanity-free lyrics, but he has used the F-word in one of his songs. Which one?
The American actor and rapper Will Smith owns a house in a Scandinavian country. Which one?
What is the name of Fergie's debut album?
She featured on the TV-show Kids Incorporated, was part of the girl band Wild Orchid and released her solo album "The Dutchess" in 2006. What is the name of this artist?
Which composer wrote the operas "Rigoletto" (1851), "Aida" (1871) and "Othello" (1887)?
With which opera did the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi have his popular breakthrough in 1842?
Which of the following operas by Wagner is not part of the tetralogy "Der Rings des Nibelungen" (The Ring of the Nibelung)?
The tetralogy "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (The Ring of the Nibelung" by Wagner is based on characters and themes from a certain mythology. Which on?
The opera "Tristan and Isolde" premiered in 1865 and is considered its composer's best stand-alone piece. What is the name of the composer?
This composer wrote a well-known orchestral piece based on the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. What was the name of the composer?
Which composer wrote the operas "Elektra" (1909), "Der Rosenkavalier" (1911) and "Intermezzo" (1924)?
Which well-known German composer wrote his "9th Symphony" while totally deaf?
What has Beethoven's 9th Symphony become a symbol of?
He was born in Bonn and composed "Für Elise". What was his name?
Which group of animals does this animal belong to?
Where did Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark first meet?
Where in Australia does Crown Princess Mary of Denmark come from?
Which country houses the oldest continual monarchy in the world?
What did Prince Daniel of Sweden do before he married Crown Princess Victoria?
Where did Prince William propose to Kate Middleton?
What commemorative coin was produced to mark the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton?
At what university did Prince William and Kate Middleton meet?
How many children do HRH the Crown Princess and HRH the Crown Prince of Denmark have?
At what prestigious American university did Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden study?
What color is Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands associated with?
In the film "The Prince and Me", what country does the prince come from?
In the film "Coming to America" , what fictitious African country is Eddie Murphy's character Akeem a Crown Prince from?
What did Prince Albert of Monaco's fiancee Charlene Wittstock use to compete in internationally?
Sarah Ferguson who used to be married to Prince Andrew is particularly known for her advertisment of which brand?
What type of dogs does Queen Elizabeth II have?
Princess Caroline of Monaco is married to the German Prince Ernst August. What is he prince of?
How many guests were invited to the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton?
Both Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her husband Ari Behn are authors. On which theme did Märtha Louise write a book?
Which actress won an Oscar for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in the film "The Queen"?
What club did Prince Albert tour Europe and the Middle East with whilst studying at Amherst?
How many times has Prince Albert competed for Monaco in the Winter Olympics?
What royalty has recorded a song with Michael Jackson?
When Princesss Di died, Elton John recorded a special version of his hit song "Candle in the Wind". How many copies were sold?
Which living monarch has been on the throne the longest?
When Norway gained full independence from Sweden in 1905, the country "imported" a king from abroad. His Norwegian name was Haakon, but what was he originally called?
A few years ago, Prince Harry caused a minor scandal when he turned up for a costume party dressed as what?
In the Oscar-winning film "The King's Speech", what king does Colin Firth portray?
Princess Catherine, wife of Prince William, used to work as a fashion buyer for a retail fashion brand. Which one?
Prince Charles is Prince of Wales, Prince Andrew is Duke of York. What is Prince Edward's title?
Which was the last country to abolish its monarchy?
Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was his country's prime minister 2001-2005. Between 1943 and 1946, he was the (minor) monarch of the same country. Which nation are we talking about?
Grace Kelly, the film-star wife of Rainier of Monaco, died suddendly in 1982. How did she die?
American film star Grace Kelly was married to Rainier of Monaco. Where did they meet?
How many sovereign states does Queen Elizabeth II reign over?
What did the Australians send the new-born Prince Christian of Denmark?
Approximately how many tv-viewers world-wide tuned in for Lady Di's funeral?
In what church did Prince Charles and Lady Di get married?
What European country is reigned by not one, but 2 co-princes?
Who is the only reigning monarch to be elected in regular intervals by popular vote?
Queen Beatrix is the queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which is made up of 4 nations. Which of the below is not part of the Kingdom?
Which is the biggest palace in the world still in use by a head of state?
How many bathrooms will you find in Buckingham Palace?
Five monarchies in Europe have eliminated male preference for the throne - i.e. the first-born, whether boy or girl, automatically becomes the heir. Which of these countries is not amongst them?
Who topped Forbes 2008 "20 Hottest Young Royals" list?
When did Queen Elizabeth celebrate her Golden Jubilee, i.e. 50 years on the throne?
What South American country rejected an attempt to restore its monarchy in the 1990s?
Crown Prince Haakon's marriage to Mette-Marit caused headlines for various reasons. What was one of them?
Albert is King of the Belgians. How many official languages does the country have?
How many wedding cakes did Prince Charles and Lady Di have for their wedding?
How many people crowded the streets of Stockholm to celebrate the Royal wedding between Victoria and Daniel on 19 June 2010?
Most African states are republics, but a few monarchies remain. Which of the following countries still has a sovereign monarchy?
How many monarchies were there in Europe as of 2010?
The Greek royal family lives in exile in London. When were they ousted from Greece?
During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has received many unusual gifts, including live animals, one of which was a sloth. From which country was it donated?
Queen Elizabeth II has introduced a new breed of dog when she mated her beloved corgis with what breed?
According to a statute from 1324, what does Queen Elizabeth II technically still own?
According to betting firm Victor Chandler, on which song was the odds for it being the opening dance for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding 1/5?
For Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, after first having been deemed "in poor taste", what souvenir item did Buckingham Palace accept as an official Royal Wedding memorabilia anyway after a change of heart?
What is the name of the puppeteer, who carves the wooden doll Pinocchio in Walt Disney's film of the same name from 1940?
'Pinocchio' is a Walt Disney animated film about a wooden string doll. What grows every time he lies?
Walt Disney's film about Pinocchio premiered in 1940, but was based on a story written by a European author in 1880. What was his name?
Which actress was also known for a (supposed) affair with President Kennedy?
Dustin Lee Hoffman is a famous American actor, but what did he also work as for a while?
Bruce Willis is known for his roles as a cop, assasin and military man, but also plays an instrument. Which one?
Peter Jackson directed the film 'King Kong' in 2005. He lost something during the filming, however. What?
In 1973, this actor was the biggest taxpayer in the Us. Who is he?
The actor and singer Jon Bon Jovi's mother is called Carol Sharkey. What was she one of the very first of?
Time of release
What is Nicolas Cage's uncle called?
How many films has Martin Scorsese made with Robert de Niro?
What is the band called that we follow in the film 'Almost Famous' from 2000?
Which film is Robert Altman's longest?
Jude Law plays the leading role in the remake of 'Alfie', but who plays the role in the original version?
Victor Fleming made 'The Wizard of Oz' in 1939, but which other epic film did he direct in the same decade?
Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam made the soundtrack for the film 'Into the Wild' from 2007, but which famous actor directed the film?
What is the 2009 film starring Gael Garcia Bernal called which was directed by the same man who is also behind the Swedish modern classic 'Fucking Åmål'?
Who plays Willy Wonka's father in Tim Burton's remake of the film classic 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'?
What famous singer has a role in 'Fight Club'?
Which instructor took part in changing and improving the end to the original 'Paranormal Activity' film after seeing the potential in the low budget film?
A remake of 'The Phantom of the Opera' came out in 2004, but when is the original from?
Who directed the 'Three Colors Trilogy' (Blue, White and Red) from the early 1990s?
Who played the less than lucky mother in 'Rosemary's Baby' from 1968?
For which film did Jack Nicholson gain his first Oscar nomination?
Who plays a fashion judge in the film 'Zoolander'?
Who made the soundtrack for the film 'The Social Network', for which he was later rewarded with an Oscar?
What is the film called that followed the tv series about the town Twin Peaks?
Which of the following films did Mel Gibson NOT direct?
Who plays Lee Harvey Oswald in the Oliver Stone film 'JFK'?
In which film by Sergei Eisenstein was the famous scene with the 'Odessa Steps' in Ukraine immortalised?
Which 1927 film was the first with speech?
Judy Garland's daughter had her breakthrough with a 1972 film. Which one?
Which composer is behind the famous soundtrack used for the first fight scene in the 1979 film 'Apocalypse Now'?
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio played together in the 1997 film 'Titanic', but they also played together in a different film. Which one?
What is Woody Allen's 1977 break-through film called which won an Oscar for best film?
Which famous actor plays the father-in-law to Ben Stiller's character in the movie 'Meet the Parents' from 2000?
Charlie Kaufman has written several modern classics like 'Adaptation' and 'Being John Malkovich', but which cult director directed both of these?
In the film 'Man on the Moon' from 1999, Jim Carey plays the comedian Andy Kaufman. Who made the title song for the film?
Who wrote the self-biographical novel, upon which the film 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', which starred Johnny Depp, was based?
In the film 'The Motorcycle Diaries' from 2004, Gael Garcia Bernal plays the young Ernesto Guevara, who was later to become famous as Ché Guevara. What country did he come from?
In which of these films does Liam Neeson not have a role?
Which of these actors is not in the 'Godfather' trilogy?
From which country is the great director Ingmar Bergman?
What is Roman Polanski's 2002 film called starring Adrien Brody as a Jewish Musician during World War 2?
In the film 'Walk the Line' from 2005, Joaquin Phoenix plays a famous musician. Who?
Who plays the lead role in 'Good Will Hunting'?
Which of the following films did NOT win an Oscar for best feature film?
Who was behind most of the music for the 1967 film 'The Graduate'?
Who plays opposite Billy Crystal in 'When Harry Met Sally'?
What is Johnny Depp's character called in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'?
What is Gollum's second name in 'Lord of the Rings'?
With which film did Natalie Portman have her breakthrough?
Lasse Hallström directed the film 'Chocolate' from 2000 but has in the past also directed a lot of music videos for which band?
Which of the following actresses has Brad Pitt not dated?
In 1982, Harrison Ford played the lead role in the cult film 'Blade Runner'. What was his character called?
Calista Flockhart is an American actress. Her name comes from the Greek 'kallisto'. What does it mean?
George Clooney has had a lot of roles in films, where a group of people perform a robbery of some sort. What is this genre of films called?
In 2010, a remake of the 1984 film 'Karate Kid' was made. The son of a famous actor played the main role. Which actor?
Ralph Maccio plays the lead in the 1984 film 'Karate Kid'. Which famous actor rejected the role?
The temperature scale based on units up to 100 is named after the Swedish scientist Anders Celsius. In which century did he live?
The film 'Titanic' from 1997 was the first film to have a $200 million budget. But how many millions did it cost to build the ship Titanic if converted into 1997-dollars?
Leonardo DiCaprio played Jack Dawso in Titanic. What role did Kate Winslet play?
'The Cincinatti Kid' is known for a final scene with two crazy poker hands, where 'Full House' loses to a 'Straight Flush'. What are the odds for this combination of cards between two players?
Tom Cruise broke through as a pilot in the film 'Top Gun' from 1986. He is himself an eager pilot and flies his own WWII plane. Which one?
Only one character can be found in all four Monty Python films. Who?
What is Christopher Nolan's 2000 break-through film called?