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How many times did Tony Rominger win Tour de France?
Which country did the cyclist Tony Rominger represent?
Tony Rominger never finished his last Tour de France. Why?
Which professional road cyclist collided with a dog on the French roads in 2007, resulting in a broken wheel?
What did the cyclist Marcus Burghard break, when he collided with a French dog in 2007?
Which yearly sports event is connected with the Alpe d'Huez?
Which rider won on Alpe d'Huez after colliding with a spectator?
What is Alpe d'Huez also known as?
Who won on Alpe d'Huez when the mountain was first introduced in Tour de France?
Which country did the cyclist Djamolidine Abdoujaparov represent?
Which cyclist had a spectacular crash on Champs-Elysees in 1991?
Who won the green points jersey at Tour de France in 1991, 1993 and 1994?
Why was Banesto's Gonzales Arrieta kicked out of the Vuelta in 1995?
Gonzales Arrieta and Leonardo Sierre got kicked out of which race after an unfortunate fist fight?
For which team did the cyclist Leonardo Sierra ride in 1995?
Which cyclist gained the nickname Il Capo (the boss)?
What is the last name of one-day-classics specialist Moreno?
Which of the following races has Moreno Argentin won the most times?
Which heroically fighting rider rode 10 days in the yellow jersey in 2004?
Who took over the yellow jersey from Thomas Voeckler in the 2004 edition of Tour de France?
How many days did Thomas Voeckler keep the yellow jersey during Tour de France 2004?
Who was the winner of Tour de France 2004?
For which team did Lance Armstrong compete when he won the 2004 Tour de France?
Why did Joseba Beloki crash on the 9th stage of Tour de France 2003?
Who was just behind Joseba Beloki when he crashed on the descent from Cote de la Rochette in 2003?
How did Lance Armstrong avoid becoming part of Joseba Beloki's terrible crash in Tour de France 2003?
What made Joseba Beloki's back tyre rip apart from the rim on the 9th stage of the 2003 Tour?
On which team did the road cyclist Alex Zülle start his career?
How many stages did Alex Zülle win in the three big stage races altogether?
In which stage race did Alex Zülle win most of his victories?
What is the cyclist Zülle's first name?
Which legendary sports director is associated with Team ONCE?
From which country is Johan Bruyneel?
Who was sports director for Lance Armstrong during Tour de France?
Which team did Johan Bruyneel change to in 2008?
There is a memorial to Tom Simpson, who died on this mountain in 1967. What is the name of the mountain?
Which of the classic Tour de France mountains is the highest?
What happened to Eugène Christophe when he rode over Col du Tourmalet in 1913?
How high is Col du Tourmalet, a classic mountain in Tour de France?
Which of the following classic Tour de France mountains is the lowest?
How high is the mountain pass Col du Galibier, which is often used in Tour de France?
Which cylist is the father of Fränk and Andy Schleck?
From which country are the Schleck-brothers?
Which cyclist is nicknamed Spartacus?
From which country is Fabian Cancellera?
Who won both Paris-Roubaix and Ronde van Vlaanderen in 2010?
Which cyclist has won most stages in Giro d'Italia?
How many stages has Mario Cipollini won in Tour de France?
How many times has Robbie McEwen won the points jersey in Tour de France?
Which team did Robbie McEwen compete for when he won the points jersey in Tour de France?
With which team did Robbie McEwen start his cycling career?
Who won the 2009 World Cup in road racing?
Which team did Cadel Evans compete for in 2010?
Who won La Flèche Wallonne in 2010?
From which country comes the team Omega Pharma-Lotto?
Which cyclist won Paris-Roubaix in 2005, 2008 and 2009?
Which team did Tom Boonen compete for before he came to Quick Step in 2003?
Why did Tom Boonen not participate in Tour de France in 2008?
Which cycling race is known as "L'Enfer du Nord" or "La Pascale"?
What is the cycling race Paris-Roubaix famous for?
What was the Vietnamese city Ho Chi Minh City previously called?
What city is the capital of Vietnam?
In which country is Hanoi the capital?
What city in Vietnam is the most populous?
What is the official language in Venezuela?
What is the capital of Venezuela called?
In which South American country is Caracas the capital?
On which continent is Venezuela?
What is the currency used in Venezuela called?
What is the official language of Uruguay?
What is the capital of Uruguay called?
In which South American country is Montevideo the capital?
What is the currency in Uruguay called?
Which country do the islands Trinidad and Tobago belong to?
What is the most widely spoken language in Trinidad and Tobago?
What island state is located just 11 km off the coast of Venezuela?
What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago called?
Where is Tonga located?
How many islands make up the Kingdom of Tonga?
What is the capital of Tonga called?
Of which island nation in the Pacific Ocean is Nuku´alofa the capital?
How many inhabitants does Singapore have?
What city is located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula?
Where are the Seychelles located?
Which group of islands is located in the Indian Ocean?
Of which island group is Victoria the capital?
What is the capital of the Solomon Islands called?
What is the official language on the Solomon Islands?
On which island state in the Pacific Ocean is the capital called Apia?
From which country did Samoa gain independence in 1962?
Where is the island state Samoa located?
Where in the world would you find the Netherlands Antilles?
What is the large group of islands in the Pacific Ocean comprising more than 1000 islands called?
Where in the world is Polynesia?
To which country do the Cook Islands belong?
To which country does Easter Island belong?
What is Easter Island famous for?
How far off the Chilean coast is Easter Island?
They are found on Easter Island, but what is a moai?
It is situated in the Indian Ocean around 900 km off Madagasscar. What island are we referring to?
From which country did Mauritius gain its independence in 1968?
What is the capital of Mauritius called?
The island nation Mauritius was not populated before it was colonized. How many people live there today?
What country does Madagascar belong to?
How many people live in Madagascar?
Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, but off the coast of which African country?
Which language is spoken on the island group Cape Verde?
Where is the island state Cape Verde located?
How many inhabitants does Jamaica have?
What is the capital of Jamaica called?
In which country is the capital called Kingston?
Where is Haiti located?
In which country is Port-au-Prince the capital?
What is the capital of Haiti called?
Which religion is most wide-spread in Haiti?
In which country is voodoo practised widely by the population?
How many people live in Grenada?
What is the capital of Grenada called?
Of which Caribbean country is St George's the capital?
What is the island group called which is also the 50th state of the USA?
On which island is the city Honolulu?
What is the capital of Hawaii called?
What nation does the island group Hawaii belong to?
What language is spoken in Cuba?
What is the Caribbean island nation called where Havana is the capital?
What city is the capital of Cuba?
What city in the Caribbean is the most populous?
What colours make up the Jamaican flag?
In which country can you visit the Inka ruins Machu Picchu?
In which city will you find the 38 metres tall statue of Cristo Redentor on top of the Corcovado mountain?
What can you see on top of the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro?
In what city would you find the beaches Ipanema and Copacabana?
Off the coast of which country will you find the Galapagos islands?
What waterfall is located on the border between Argentina and Brazil?
What waterfall is the world's highest?
In which country is the world's highest waterfall located?
Where are the Victoria Falls located?
Which of these waterfalls are in Africa?
What waterfall is on the border between USA and Canada?
In which country is the capital called Lima?
What is the capital of Colombia called?
What does the word Christmas mean?
Why is Christmas also called Xmas?
In which of these places is Christmas a public holiday?
In which of these places is Christmas not a public Holiday?
In which of these countries do they traditionally eat soup and carp with potato salad on Christmas Eve?
They eat seven types of seafood on Christmas Eve, but in which country?
What do they eat on Christmas Eve in Cuba?
In Germany the meal on Christmas Eve varies from region to region, but what do they traditionally not eat?
The one who gets the bread loaf with the concealed coin on Christmas Eve will be fortunate, but where is this a tradtion?
In Bulgaria they do not clear the table after the Christmas dinner - why?
In which of these countries are the Christmas dishes served on the traditional Julbord?
Today Santa Claus hands out the presents in Sweden on Christmas Eve, but who did the job until the 20th Century?
Which of the following is a tradional Swedish Christmas dish?
What is the most common Christmas meal in Denmark?
For dessert, in Denmark, they serve a rice and almond pudding on Christmas Eve, but with which sauce?
What do they hide in the rice dessert on Christmas Eve in Denmark?
What is Santa Claus more traditionally called in the UK?
What will they traditionally serve you on Christmas Eve in the UK?
What is Santa Claus called by Swedish children?
What is Santa Claus called by Finnish children?
Santa Claus has many names, what is he called in Denmark?
Santa Claus has many names, what is he called in Germany?
In which of these countries does Santa Claus personally meet the children for the exchange of presents on Christmans Eve?
Christmas presents are exchange on Christmas Day, in which country?
In which country are the Christmas presents exchanged on Christmas eve?
When do they exchange Christmas gifts in Romania?
In Latin America Christmas Eve is known as La Noche Buena, what does this mean?
In Portuguese Christmas Eve is known as Véspera de Natal, but what does it mean?
During World War I a historical event took place in Belgium on Christmas Eve, 1914 - which?
The modern Christmas tree tradition is belived to have begun in the 18th century - where?
"Jingle Bells" is one of the best-known winter songs in the world, but what was its original title in 1857?
This song lists a series of increasingly grand gifts given on, how many days of Christmas?
Which British band released the song, Last Christmas, in 1984?
Who wrote ´Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!´?
"Do They Know it´s Christmas" by Bob Geldof refers to a famine in 1984 - where?
The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter José Feliciano wrote a Christmas song in 1970 - which one?
In 1943 a song sung by Bing Crosby joined "White Christmas" to become one of America's most popular Christmas songs - which song?
In this Christmas song from 1952 I saw someone kissing Santa Claus - who?
In which year was the popular Christmas song "Jingle Bell Rock" first released?
This popular Christmas song from 1958 is Rockin´ Around something, but what?
What's the colour of Rudolph, the reindeer's nose?
This Christmas song from 1953 is sung by a woman who wants the most extravagant gifts, which song?
Where was the first commercial Christmas card produced in 1843?
From whom originates the Advent calendar?
The Advent calender printed by Gerhard Lang in 1908, had what?
What was the title of Charles Dickens´ famous Christmas novel?
Who wrote the novel ´A Christmas Carol´?
Who haunts Ebenezer Scrooge in ´A Christmas Carol´?
The capital of Colombia is Bogotá. At which altitude does it lie?
Which country in South America is the only to have both a Caribbean and a Pacific coast?
How many people live in Colombia?
What were the first words that Neil Armstrong uttered from the moon to the control tower on Earth?
Operation Barbarossa was the code name for Nazi-Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Who was it named after?
Under which flag did Ferdinand Magellan sail for the first recorded circumnavigation of Earth?
How many of the original fleet of five ships that made up the Magellan expedition made the completely circumnavigation in the end?
What happened on 6 May 1937 when the Hindenburg-disaster struck in New Jersey?
What was the sister ship of the airship LZ 129 Hindenburg called?
Which country invaded Egypt in connection with the nationalisation of the Suez Canal in 1956?
With whom had Israel already struck an agreement before the country invaded the Gaza strip and the Sinai peninsula on 29 October 1956?