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Which year did Michael Jackson sell his ranch called Neverland?
What did Michael Jackson name his home after?
When did Michael Jackson by land, so that he could build his future home - the Neverland Ranch?
What is the name of the ranch Michael Jackson sold in 2008?
Which rare disease did Michael Jackson suffer from, which made his skin turn pale?
When was Michael Jackson diagnosed with vitiligo?
Which method did Michael Jackson use to make his skin look whiter in the end of the 1980's?
In 1993 Michael Jackson was accused of sexual abuse of minors. What he was sentenced after the trial?
In 1993 Michael Jackson was accused of abusing the boy Jordan Chandler. How old was the boy?
Where did Michael Jackson travel when the trial against him in 2005 was over?
What was Michael Jackson sentenced after accusations of sexual abuse of minors in the year 2005?
Who did the singer Michael Jackson marry in 1994?
How many children did Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley's daughter have?
Who did Michael Jackson marry in 1996?
How old was the pop singer Michael Jackson in 2008?
How many times has Michael Jackson been divorced?
How many children did the pop star Michael Jackson have?
Who is the mother to Michael Jackson's third child, Prince Michael Jackson II?
How many times has Michael Jackson been married?
Which Italian family had a large influence on the development of the Italian Renaissance?
What principles form the foundation for the Renaissance art of perspective?
Which art principle from the Renaissance was based on the point of view of a single eye?
Which visitor arrived in Europe before the blossoming of the Renaissance?
When did the Renaissance commence?
What was the Italian Lorenzo Ghiberti's profession?
Who created the ten gilded bronze reliefs for the Baptistry of Florence in the Renaissance?
What was Donatello's profession?
Who is known for the bronze statue of David, which was the largest free-standing sculpture since Antiquity?
Which well-known Italian sculptur created the equestrian statue of the condottieri Gattametla, which was revealed in 1453?
Which well-knwon Italian sculptur created the Renaissance statues Marcus and St. George?
Which country was the sculptor Donatello from?
What is the Italian Masaccio most well-known for painting in the early Renaissance?
Which country was the painter Jan van Eyck from?
Which Renaissance artist is known for his intensity of color, light and atmosphere in the painting "The Madonna of Chancellor Rollin"
With whom did the Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck paint the 3.5 m tall altar at Ghent?
Which artist painted "The Descent from the Cross (c. 1435)" and "The Last Judgment" (ca. 1445)?
Which country was the Renaissance painter Rogier van der Weyden from?
Which of the following works of art did Rogier van der Weyden paint?
Who wrote the theoretical works "De Pictura" (1435-1436) on painting, and "De Re Aedifactoria"(1443-52) on architecture?
Who first put forth the theory of central perspective in the work "Della Pittura" (1435-36)
What was Piero della Francesca known as?
Who established the principles of the construction of perspective in his book "De Prospectiva Pingendi" (On Perspective in Painting)
In which city was the painter Giovanni Bellini active during the Renaissance?
Who decorated the Doge's Palace in Venice with his brother and father?
What is the Italian Sandro Botticelli known for painting?
Which city was the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli first active in during the Renaissance?
Which Italian painter is known for painting the Birth of Venus in 1485?
Which period of art history did Leonardo da Vinci belong to?
Where did Leonardo da Vinci spend his apprenticeship?
In which Italian city is the mural "The Last Supper" located?
Where did Leonardo da Vinci live until 1517?
Where did the Italian Leonardo da Vinci live from 1517 onward?
Which Italian is known for his studies of human anatomy, buildings and airplanes in the Renaissance?
Which Italian painter is famous for painting "Virgin of the Rocks" (1483-86)?
Which Italian painter painted the world-famous "Mona Lisa"?
Which of these paintings was not painted by Leonardo da Vinci?
Which Italian painter is responsible for the famous paiting of "The Last Supper"?
Which Italian painter painted "The Adoration of the Magi"?
Which Renaissance artists is known for his painting of "Erasmus of Rotterdam"?
Which Renaissance work of art is the German Albrecht Dürer best known for painting?
Which country was the Renaissance painter and graphic artist Albrecht Dürer from?
Where did the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer live?
Which German Renaissance painter painted "Adam and Eve" (1507)?
What was the Italian Giorgione by profession?
To which period of art history do the works "The Tempest", "Sleeping Venus" and "Pastoral Concert" belong?
Which of the following was not one of Michelangelo's professions?
Who was the most significant of the High Renaissance artists?
Who painted the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican?
Who painted "The Apocalypse" on the alter wall of the Sistine Chapel between 1536 and 1541?
What was the Renaissance artist Michelangelo's nationality?
Who decorated three rooms in the Vatican with vast frescoes such as "The School in Athens" and "The Parnassus"?
In which Italian city did the painter Raphael train as an apprentice?
Which Renaissance artist painted The Sistine Madonna (1513-14)?
What position was Raphael appointed to in 1514?
Which Italian painter is considered the main exponent of the High Renaissance in Venice?
Which country was the author August Strindberg from?
Which Swedish author is considered a central figure in the development of modern drama?
What was the Swedish August Strindberg's profession?
Which Norwegian writer had an epochal influence on the development of naturalist theater?
Which country is the legendary figure Amleth from?
Who married the mother of the Danish legendary figure Amleth?
Where does the tragedy of Hamlet take place?
What is the name of Hamlet's mother, who is also a queen?
Who murders the king in Shakespeare's Hamlet?
What is the name of the king's brother in Hamlet?
Who is Hamlet's love interest in the play?
Where is Elsinore, where the tragedy "Hamlet" takes place?
Which legendary figure is Shakespeare's Hamlet based on?
What was the fate of the father of the Danish legendary figure Amleth?
Which tragedy is the source of the soliloquy "To be, or not to be"?
What is the name of Hamlet's friend?
What is the term for an Archaic Greek statue of a young woman?
What is the term for an Archaic Greek statue of a young man?
Vad hette Jesu mormor?
How many books about Robin Crusoe did Daniel Defoe write?
What is used to remove wrinkles?
What is the name of the drink that consists of coffee, whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream on top?
What is measured with the Richter scale?
Which organisation has bombed the department store Harrods three times?
In which English church are Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton and Laurence Olivier buried?
How many people died because of the Nazi extinctions during World War II?
Which fashion house bought Yves Saint Laurent in 1999?
What is the name of the German fashion designer who was Chanel's boss for decades?
Which German company provided uniforms to the German army, amongst others, during World War II?
What is the name of the French clothing company which has a crocodile as a logo?
Which animal does Lacoste use as its logo?
In the youth film 'High School Musical', Gabriella is in love with a boy. What is he called?
What is the Disney Channel's popular musical from 2006 called?
In which film are the main characters called Gabriella and Troy?
What is the small, hormone-producing gland placed at the base of the brain called which is made up of anterior and posterior parts?
Which gland could also be called the 'lead gland' because it controls many of the body's other glands?
Where in the body would you find the hypophysis?
Which hormone-producing gland is connected to the hypothalamus?
What is the role of the alpha-cells in the hypophysis?
How much does a woman's body temperature rise during ovulation?
What is the process in the menstrual cycle called where one or more eggs is released?
When does a woman normally ovulate?
What are amino acids used for in the human body?
Who was Hippocrates?
What is the name of the Greek physician who is credited with inventing the physician's oath?
Who is considered the father of Western medicine?
Which famous sports star was also the sports minister of Brasil 1993-1998?
What is the name of the United States' space agency?
Which famous fashion company carries the monogram LV?
Which French company bought DKNY in 2001?
Which product is Levi Strauss & Co. particularly famous for manufacturing?
What is the 1984 film about the boy Daniel LaRusso, who learns everything about karate, called?
In which film are the main characters called Daniel and Mr Miyagi?
Who teaches Daniel karate in the Karate Kid films?
How long is the Great Wall of China?
According to an often recited myth, which building structure can be seen from the moon?
Why did the Chinese build the Chinese Wall?
In which American state will you find Las Vegas?
In which European city can you sail in gondolas?
How long is the Trans-Siberian Railway that goes from Moscow to Vladivostok?
What is the 1950 Disney film, based upon a Charles Perrault fairytale, called?
Which film released in 1937 was the first full feature film length cartoon?
Which of these Walt Disney animations was released the latest?
What is the name of one of the dwarfs in Snowhite?
What is the Disney princess, who meets seven dwarfs in the woods, called?
What is Disney's second animated feature film called which came out in 1940, three years after 'Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs'?
In which Disney film do we meet the puppeteer Gepetto?
Who helps Pinocchio do the right things in the Disney film Pinocchio?
Which year was the Disney film Pinocchio released?
Which film grossed the most money world-wide in 1994?
What is the Disney film about the lion cub Simba called?
Which artist has, amongst other things, written the music for 'The Lion King'?
What are Simba's friends in the animated film 'The Lion King' called?
In which 1994 film directed by Quentin Tarantino did John Travolta have his comeback?
Which of the following films was not directed by Quentin Tarantino?
Which of these actors does not have a role in Pulp Fiction?
Which company produces the video game console PlayStation?
Which company produces the game console Xbox?
What is the name of the English luxurious car brand which delivered the motors for both the Spitfire and Hurricane jets during World War II?
Which company owns the car brand Rolls-Royce?
Which company is Ferrari owned by today?
Where does "The Last Night at the Proms" take place?
Which annual concert is the Royal Albert Hall particularly well known for?
Which American boxer won Olympic gold in light heavyweight in 1960?
Which American rock band featuring among others Vincent Damon Furnier was renamed in 1969 after initially having been known as "the Earwigs," "The Spiders" and "The Nazz"?
What is the American rock band Alice Cooper known for?
The city Monrovia is one of two capitals in the world named after an American president. Of which country is Monrovia the capital?
What is characteristic for Bollywood films?
What is the nickname for films produced in Mumbay, India?
What do you use a compass for?
The guillotine was first placed in front of the Tuileries on Place du Carrousel in August 1792. How many people has it since 'helped' decapitate in France?
The French physician Joseph Ignace gave his name to what item associated with the French revolution?
Which profession did Joseph Ignace Guillotin, after whom the guillotine is named, have?
What is the BIOS known from the computer world?
Which of the following actors can not be seen in either of the 'Godfather' films?
Who directed all three Godfather films?
To which country does the Mediterranean island Corsica belong?
Which English king got married in the Cypriot port city Limassol in 1191?
What Latin American country used to be called British Honduras?
What is Belize?
In which country was the confectionary company HARIBO founded?
What is the name of Ireland's patron saint, who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland around year 400?
Which national football team plays their home matches at Millennium Stadium?
What did Heysel Stadium become known for in 1985?
Which company uses a pink rabbit in their commercials?
Where is the battery producer Duracell headquartered?
Which products are Duracell known for?
Toyota has two headquarters. One is in Nagoya in Japan. where is the other one?
Which city is Toyota City twinned with?
What is the last name of the American actor Kirk, who is the father of the actor Michael?
What is Michael Douglas' father, who is also an actor, called?
Which of the following films was Michael Douglas not in?
What actor is known for his role in the Terminator films?
What did Arnold Schwarzenegger do before he became an actor?
In which country was Arnold Schwarzenegger born?
Which action actor became the Governor of California in 2003?
In which state was Arnold Schwarzenegger elected Governor in 2003?
In which decade was Arnold Schwarzenegger born?
This Hollywood star mostly plays a police officer or an agent of some sort, but is also into chess, and has a house in Sweden. Who is he?
In which country is the sports equipment manufacturer Asics headquartered?
Which celebrity released her debut album including the singles "Stars Are Blind" and "Nothing In This World" in 2006?
What was the name of Paris Hilton's debut album from 2006, which among others included the single "Stars Are Blind"?
The actress Nicole Kidman often plays cold and heartless characters, but has a weak personal point. What is she allergic to?
Which American actress was in the films 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Moulin Rouge'?
In which country was the actress Nicole Kidman born?