Who directed the 1984 film "A Passage to India"?

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Who directed the 1984 film "A Passage to India"?

David Lean


The British film director David Lean was born in 1908 and is a real heavy-hitter whitin the film history. He has been nominated for an Oscar an astonishing seven times. Of these, he won twice: first for "The Bridge on the River Kwai" in 1958, and then for "Lawrence of Arabia" from 1963. Lean's trademark is big-screen epics, centered around a political event. Examples are "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Dr. Zhivago". Another memorable example is "A Passage to India", based on the E.M. Forster novel. Lead died of cancer in 1991. Steven Spielberg once shared how he had watched "Lawrence of Arabia" sat next to Lean, who gave him a live commentary" throughout. One of the best moments in Spielberg's life, according to himself.


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