Which actor played the lead in the 2008 film "Max Payne"?

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Which actor played the lead in the 2008 film "Max Payne"?

Mark Wahlberg


The American singer and actor Mark Wahlberg was born in Boston in 1971. He came from a poor background, but soon escaped. He was part of the band "New Kids on the Block" in the very early days, but soon backe out because he thought their musical style was too boring. Instead, he went solo under the name Marky Mark, and combined his music with modelling for Calvin Klein. His acting breakthrough was in the 1997 film "Boogie Nights" where he played the porn star Dirk Diggler. After this, he moved into more serious roles in films such as "The Departed", "Shooter" and "Max Payne". In the latter years, he has moved into producing and is behind the tv series "Entourage". Mark Wahlberg was originally meant to have been aboard the United 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 11 September 2001. At the last minute, however, he chose another route.


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