Who directed the 1969 film "Easy Rider"?

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Who directed the 1969 film "Easy Rider"?

Dennis Hopper


Dennis Hopper was born in 1936 in Kansas and is a true legend in American film history. His film debut was in "Rebel Without a Cause", also James Dean's breakthrough film. It quickly became apparent that Hopper was a multi-talent, and before long, he found himself behind the camera also. He directed his first film, "Easy Rider", in 1969. The film has since become a true classic. Hopper has always spent most of his time acting, however, and overall managed to appear in 203 films and tv series. Highlights include "Blue Velvet", "Apocalypse Now" and "True Romance". In his spare time, he was a talented photographer with many exhibitions all over the world to his name. He died in his home in Venice Beach, Los Angeles in 2010 after losing the fight against prostate cancer.


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