Who plays Orlando Bloom's brother in the 2004 film "Troy"?

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Who plays Orlando Bloom's brother in the 2004 film "Troy"?

Eric Bana


Australian actor Eric Bana is known as one of the tough cookies in Hollywood. He was born in Melbourne in 1968 and decided to become an actor after seeing Mel Gibson in the "Mad Max" films. He had his break-through with "Black Hawk Down" from 2001. After this, his career reallly took off. Not least the film "Troy" where he plays Orlando Bloom's brother and Brad Pitt's arch rival catapulted him into the super league. Steven Spielberg hired him for his 2005 film "Munich" as the Israeli Avner who is charged with revenging the 1972 terror attack in Munich. Bana lives in Australia with his familie, and his passions are cars and motorcycles.


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