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In which black-and-white film, directed by Woody Allen, did Madonna play the part as a tightrope artist named Marie?

In which film from 1991 does Madonna appear with Woody Allen, Kathy Bates, John Cusack, Mia Farrow, and Jodie Foster?

In 1991 Madonna played a minor part in "Shadows and Fog". Who both wrote and directed this movie?

Against which company does Erin Brockovich file a claim in the film of the same name?

Which illness does Dustin Hofmann's character suffer from in the film "Rain Man"?

Who played the male lead in the film "Forrest Gump"

Tom Hanks won an Oscar for his performance as Andrew Beckett in "Philadelphia". For which other role did he win one?

For which film did Jeremy Irons win an Oscar?

What is Val Kilmer's character called in the 1986 film "Top Gun"?

How many days does Sandra Bullock's role have to stay in rehab in the film of the same name?

Which profession does Stellan Skarsgaard's character have in the 1997 film "Good Will Hunting"?

The film "Lost in Translation" from 2003 stars Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray. In which city does it take place?

Who directed the film "Rain Man" from 1988?

What is the title of Steven Soderbergh's debut long feature film?

For his performance in which film did Max Von Sydow receive his first Academy Award nomination?

For which film was Jon Voight first nominated for an Academy Award?

Who plays the Russsian composer Igor Stravinsky in the 2009 film "Coco Channel & Igor Stravinsky"?

Which film featuring Brad Pitt does Zooey Deschanel also have a role in?

Juliette Binoche plays the lead in one ofKrzysztof Kieslowski's films. Which one?

Which king does Colin Firth portray in the film "The King's Speech"?

For his role in which film did Colin Firth receive his first Academy Award nomination?

Which profession does Annette Bening's character have in the 1999 film "American Beauty"?

Who plays opposite Robert Downey Jr. in the film 'The Soloist' from 2009?

Who directed "The Number 23", starring Jim Carrey?

Who plays the lead role in Joel Schumacher's "Falling Down" from 1993?

Which film gained Paul Newman his first Oscar nomination?

Who plays Luke in "Cool Hand Luke"?

Which nationality is Eric Bana's character in the 2005 film "Munich"?

In which film was Albert Finney directed by Sidney Lumet?

For his supporting role in which film did Albert Finney receive an Oscar-nomination?

Who directed the Oscar nominated 2004 film "Sideways", staring Paul Giamatti?

Which actress plays opposite Paul Giamatti in the 2005 film "Cinderella Man"?

In 1996, Susan Sarandon won an Oscar for Best Female in a leading role. Who directed the film for which she won?

Which actress plays opposite Ben Kingsley in the 2003 film "House of Sand & Fog"?

Who plays the title role in Martin Scorsese's "The Last Temptation of the Christ" from 1989?

Who plays the male lead in Susanne Bier's "Things We Lost in the Fire" from 2007?

"Unbreakable", "The Sixth Sense" and "The Village" are all directed by M. Night Shyamalan. They are also all set in the same US state. Which one?

Which film was Morgan Freeman's first?

What does the title "2046" refer to in Wong Kar-Wai's 2004 film?

How many Spike Lee-films did John Turturro star in in the period 1989-2008?

Which film is Kevin Costner's debut as a director?

Peter Sellers was Oscar-nominated for his role in "Being There", but didn't win. Another actor did win for his role in the same film, however. Who?

Who directed the 1984 film "A Passage to India"?

Who directed "The Commitments" from 1991?

Bob Fosse wrote a novel based on his memories of his hometown Chicago. It was later turned into a film. What was the name of the book?

Who plays the bad guy in "Unbreakable" from 2000?

Who plays the prison director in Frank Darabont's 1999 drama "The Green Mile"?

For which film did Robin Williams win an Oscar?

Which talented actor played opposite Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society" from 1989?

Adam Sandler can be seen in the 2007 film "Reign Over Me". The title is taken from a song by a famous rock band. Which band?