Comedy Movie Quiz

This quiz contains questions and answers about comedy movies. Answer questions about comedy movie directors, actors and films.


Questions in this Quiz

Madonna played one of the main characters in "Shanghai Surprise" from 1986. Who directed this film?

In what movie did Madonna play agains her then husband Sean Penn?

Madonna played the character Gloria Tatlock in a 1986 British adventure comedy film that became a box office flop. What was it called?

Who was portrayed as the leader of a sadistic, violent orgy in Luis Buñuel's film "The Golden Age" from 1930?

Which American actor broke through on the big screen with his role as Garp in "The World According to Garp"?

In which Woody Allen film does Sylvester Stallon play a bad guy?

Ron Howard is not only a director, but also an actor. Which George Lucas film does he have a role in?

Which Todd Solondz film does John Goodman feature in?

How many roles does Mike Myers have in "Austin Powers in Goldmember" (2002)?

Which song is Mike Myer's character not allowed to play in the film "Wayne's World" (1992)?

Which film directed by Jim Jarmusch has Bill Murray on the role list?

What is the name of the film Eddie Murphy directed?

Who plays the starring role in "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" from 2002?

Who plays Dustin Hoffman's wife in the film "Meet the Fockers" from 2004?

For her role in which film did Barbra Streisand win an Oscar for Best Female Actress?

In which European city does the film take place where Colin Farrel plays opposite Brendan Gleeson?

What is the profession of Robert De Niro's character in Barry Levinson's film "Wag the Dog"?

Who played the title role of Ed in Ron Howard's "Edtv" from 1999?

Who plays the lead role in Steven Soderbergh's "The Informant!" from 2009?

In which Woody Allen film does Max Von Sydow have a role?

What is the name of Rob Reiner's film debut?

Who stars opposite Meg Ryan in the film "French Kiss" from 1995?

Hugh Jackman plays the male lead in the the film "Kate & Leopold" from 2001. Who plays the female lead?

What is the profession of Greg Kinnear's role in the 2006 film "Little Miss Sunshine"?

Who directed the film "Stuck on You", in which Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear play Siamese twins?

Annette Bening plays opposite Julianne Moore in "The Kids are Alright". Who plays the male lead?

Which American president does Robin Williams portray in the film "Night At The Museum" from 2006?

In 1972 the film "Play it Again, Sam", which centres around a man's great fascination with Humphrey Bogart, was released. Who plays this character?

Who plays Diane Keaton's brother in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" from 1977?

Who plays opposite Jack Nicholson in the 2003 film "Anger Management"?

A couple of years after his debut on "Saturday Night Live", Adam broke through on the big screen in 1995. What was the name of the film?

What is the profession of James Stewart's character in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"?

In which film does John Malkovich play opposite both George Clooney and Brad Pitt?

Who plays Hawkeye Pierce in the film "M*A*S*H" from 1970?

Which 2011 film by Seth Gordon features Donald Sutherland?

In the 2011 film "Crazy, Stupid, Love", Kevin Bacon plays opposite Steve Carrol, amongst others. Who played the female lead?

Who plays the driver in the 1989 "Driving Miss Daisy"?

Which colour does John Turturro's character in the film "The Big Lebowski" have a penchant for?

Who plays the lead role in "The Pink Panther"?

Who directed the 1982 film "Tootsie", starring Dustin Hoffman?

Which was Tom Hank's directorial debut?

Charlie Chaplin had a number of alter egos and personas he used repeatedly in his films. Which of Charlie Chaplin's personas features in "City Lights" from 1931?

With which movie did Jim Carrey break through as an actor?

Who directed the comedy movie "Dumb & Dumber", starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels"?

Which comedy movie was Will Ferrell's breakthrough as an actor?

How many movies by Adam McCay has Will Ferrell starred in?

Who directed "Melinda & Melinda", which features Will Ferrell in a dramatic part?

Which film starring Jim Carry has Ben Stiller directed?

What was the name of Ben Stiller's character in the film "Tropic Thunder", which he directed himself?

In 2011, Steve Carell featured in a movie alongside Ryan Gosling. Which one?