Asia Quiz

This geography quiz contains questions and answers about Asia. Answer questions about flags, countries, cities, mountains, seas, lakes and attractions.


Questions in this Quiz

Sumatra is the fourth most inhabited island in world. In ancient times it was known as Swarnadwīpa. What does it mean?

Which group of islands is located in the Indian Ocean?

What city is located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula?

How many inhabitants does Singapore have?

What city in Vietnam is the most populous?

In which country is Hanoi the capital?

What city is the capital of Vietnam?

What was the Vietnamese city Ho Chi Minh City previously called?

What is the ocean between China and the Korean peninsula called?

What is the capital of Brunei called?

What European country did the sultanat Brunei gain its independence from in 1984?

What is the capital of Cambodia called?

In what country is the capital called Phnom Penh?

What is the capital of Bhutan called?

In what country is Thimphu the capital?

In what country is Dhaka the capital?

What is the capital of Bangladesh called?

How many people live in Bangladesh?

On which island does approximately 80 percent of the Japanese population live?

What is the capital of Azerbaijan called?

In what country is Yerevan the capital?

WHat is the capital of Armenia called?

What is the capital of Afghanistan called?

It is the world's deepest trench, but how deep is the Mariana Trench?

What is Asia's longest river, also known as the 'Blue River', called?

The Yangtze River is Asia's longest, but how long is it?

The Yangtze River only runs through one country. Which one?

How long is the Mekong, the 12th longest river in the world?

In what country does the River Mekong originate?

What is the holy Indian river that discharges into the Bay of Bengal called?

How long is the River Ganges?

How big is the Caspian Sea?

What countries make up Borneo?

What is the Indonesian island called that is also the second largest in Asia?

What is the largest island in the Philippines called?

It is known for its very high salt content and is located in the Middle East. What sea are we talking about?

Where is the Dead Sead in comparison to sea level?

On what Indonesian island will you find the capital, Jakarta?

How many million people live on Java?

What is the largest island of Japan called?

On what island is Manilla, the capital of the Philippines, located?

What country does the island Luzon belong to?

What country does the island Sumatra belong to?

What is the capital of Cambodia called?

What symbol is found on the Cambodian flag?

What colours make up the Cambodian flag?

What is the capital of India?

How long is the Trans-Siberian railway?

What is the highest point in Turkey called?

How high is the world's highest mountain Mount Everest?