Music Trivia Quiz

This quiz contains questions and answers in music knowledge. Answer questions about music theory, musicians, songs, singers, bands and music events.

Music Trivia

Questions in this Quiz

In music, the term crescendo refers to an increase in volume. What term refers to the opposite?

Which of the following is not a sub-genre of heavy metal?

What Italian term refers to polyphonic vocal music without instrumental accompaniment?

Which of the following voices is not a male voice?

Which of the following voices is not a womens voice?

The original goal of Live Aid was to raise £1 million. How much money was actually raised?

At which English stadium did the charity event of Live Aid take place in 1985?

This singer was born October 14, 1940, in India. Who is he?

This song lists a series of increasingly grand gifts given on, how many days of Christmas?

"Jingle Bells" is one of the best-known winter songs in the world, but what was its original title in 1857?

What is the name of the Finnish rock festival held on an island in Turku, which is one of the oldest in Europe?

In which country does the rock festival Ruisrock take place?

Opera is a form of art in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work. In which country did opera arise?

What does the musical term "crescendo" refer to?

What does da capo mean?

The wave of fast ska punk music was also known as?

When did ska music arise?

In what part of the world did ska music arise?

When did the musical genre Heavy Metal achieve its popular breakthrough?

What musical genre is based on guitar distortion and heavy riffs?

How many strings does a guitar usually have?

Which note is fourth in the C minor diatonic scale?

Which frequency is the pitch standard?

Which note is referred to as the pitch standard?

Where is A in the diatonic scale from C?

What does "a capella" refer to?

Which musician has lived in Graceland?

Which voice has the highest pitch?

Which voice type is the lowest?

Who organized the Live Aid for the benefit of Africa in 1985?