80's Music Quiz

This quiz contains questions and answers about the 80s music. Get questions about rock, pop, techno, rap, disco and all the music that was popular in the 80s.

80's Music

Questions in this Quiz

What is the title on Mick Jaggers debut studio album released in 1985?

What was Mick Jagger's first solo single?

In 1985, which former member of the Rolling Stones went to a clinic to have his respiratory problems examined, but suffered a heart attack and died in the waiting room?

Which former Rolling Stones member lived between 1938-1985?

Which of the following albums was the latest to be released by the rock band The Rolling Stones?

Madonna performed her first concert tour in 1985. She was marketing her first two albums "Madonna" and "Like a Virgin". What was the name of this tour?

Which band were the opening act for Madonnas "The Virgin Tour"?

How old was Madonna when she went on her first concert tour?

Which concert tour was Madonnas first real world tour?

Madonnas second concert tour supported her third studio album "True Blue" as well as the soundtrack on another album. What was the tour called?

Which of the following hits by Madonna didn't make it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart?

Which song became Madonna's first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100?

In which music video is Madonna portrayed sailing down the riverways of Venice and roaming around a palace wearing a white wedding dress?

Which one of Madonna's song features the lyric lines: "You're so fine and you're mine. I'll be yours till the end of time"?

What Madonna-song deals with teenage pregnancy and abortion and caused heated discussions at the time of its release in 1986?

What Madonna song, released in 1986, has the lyric line "He says that he's going to marry me. We can raise a little family"?

On which album was the Madonna song "Papa Don't Preach" first released?

What song caused Madonna's first conflict with the Vatican, as she dedicated it to Pope John Paul II, who urged Italian fans to boycott her concerts during the "Who's That Girl World Tour" in 1987?

How many Grammy Awards did Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" win at The 26th Annual Grammy Awards, which was held on February 28, 1984 at Shrine Auditorium?

Which of following Grammy Awards did Michael Jacksons album "Thriller" NOT win at the Annual Grammy Awards in 1984?

Which one of Michael Jacksons albums won record-breaking eight Grammy Awards in 1984?

Michael Jackson has been awarded more than thirty times by the Guinness Book of World Records. Which one of his albums was awarded "The Best Selling Album of All Time" in 1984?

On which album was the Michael Jackson hit singles "The Girl Is Mine", "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" released?

What album did Michael Jackson release in November 1982?

Who sang a duet with Michael Jackson on the hit "The Girl Is Mine" which was released in 1972?

Which song from the Michael Jackson album "Thriller" contains the lines "Every Night She Walks Right In My Dreams. Since I Met Her From The Start. I'm So Proud I Am The Only One. Who Is Special In Her Heart"?

Who was together with Michael Jackson co-producing the albums "Off the Wall", "Thriller" and "Bad"?

In just over a year one of Michael Jacksons album became the best-selling album of all time. Which album?

What famous rock guitarist plays a guitar solo on Michael Jacksons song "Beat It"?

Which Michael Jackson-song is about both defeat and courage and contains the text line "Don't be a macho man"?

Which of these songs was NOT included on Michael Jacksons album "Thriller"?

Michael Jacksons album "Thriller" was released in the early 80s. It took nearly five years before he released another album which was& ?

Michael Jacksons seventh solo studio album was released in 1987. What was it called?

Which one of Michael Jacksons album includes the singles "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Man in the Mirror"?

How many singles from Michael Jackson's album "Bad" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100?

Which of Michael Jackson's songs had a music video directed by Martin Scorsese and with appearance of Wesley Snipes as a gangster?

Which song from Michael Jackson's album "Bad" contains the text lines: "Oh I'll be workin' from nine to five to buy you things to keep you by my side"?

Which song from Michael Jackson's album "Bad" contains the text lines: "If you wanna make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself and then make a change"?

What song about a persistent groupie is included as the ninth track on Michael Jackson's seventh studio album, "Bad"?

What song is a ballad by Michael Jackson featuring a duet with Siedah Garrett, and was the first single released from his seventh album, "Bad"?

On which album was the Michael Jackson song "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" released?

On which album was the Michael Jackson hit single "Dirty Diana" released?

Which song did Princess Diana request Michael Jackson to play during his 1988 performance at Wembley Stadium?

What is the name of Michael Jackson's concert tour which took place between September 1987 and January 1989?

Which of Michael Jackson's concert tours had the same name as one of his albums, was sponsored by Pepsi, lasted 16 months and visited 15 countries?

What was Michael Jackson's first concert tour ever?

What royalty has recorded a song with Michael Jackson?

Mark Knopfler is known for a distinctive part of his guitar technique. Which one?

The Clash were part of the punk wave of the 70's and 80's. What country were they from?

What African country has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest?