21st Century History Quiz

This history quiz tests your historical knowledge and contains questions on topics from the 21st century.

21st Century

Questions in this Quiz

What great South African man of state died on the 5th of December 2013?

How old was One Direction's Niall Horan when his parents divorced?

Which typhoon killed thousands of people in the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013?

When Typhoon Yoloanda hit the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013, its wind speeds exceeded 250 km/h making it equivalent to a category 5 tropical storm. What is the scale use to categorize hurricanes and typhoons called?

In March 2013, North Korea conducted its third nuclear test and threatened at the same time to cancel the ceasefire agreement with South Korea. How old was the ceasefire in 2013?

On the 22nd of November 2013 fifty years had passed since an American president died under considerable media attention and subsequent national mourning. What was his name?

Which explorer and missionary physician had his 200th birthday on the 19th of March 2013?

Which of the following famous speeches had in 2013 its 50th anniversary?

Where was one of the two main suspects found and detained ending the great manhunt following the terrorist attack in Boston on the 15th of April 2013?

The two main suspects in the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013 were mistakenly assumed to come from a European country by many Americans. Which country?

At a press conference on the 26th of August 2013 the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry informed about evidence proving that the Syrian regime had used a special type of weapon. Which type?

In 2013 the Ba'ath party became known worldwide for their regime and participation in the ongoing Syrian civil war. Which country is the party also known for its connection to?

What is the name of the Egyptian president, who was deposed on the 3rd of July 2013, in what some called a democratic coup, and some called a military coup?

To which organization belonged many of the Egyptians, who were persecuted and arrested in the period following the military coup in Egypt on the 3rd of July 2013?

In which country did the military depose the country's democratically elected president on the 3rd of July 2013, and following install their own transitional government?

The semi-professional women's basketball team, the Boston Bulldogs, changed its name from one day to the next in 2013. What name did the basketball team have in the past?

Belgium got a new reigning king in 2013 as Albert II renounced the throne because of bad health. How many reigning queens has the country had?

On the 21st of July 2013 Belgium got a new king as Albert II renounced the throne. Who was Belgium's new king?

During the X Factor auditions all the soon to be 1D memers were.. what?

Which regent could on February 6 2012 celebrate the 60th year and hereby diamond jubilee on the throne?

Which living monarch has been on the throne the longest?

In what church did Prince Charles and Lady Di get married?

When did Queen Elizabeth celebrate her Golden Jubilee, i.e. 50 years on the throne?

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was known as Libya's dictator for 42 years. Which of the following was he also known as?

On 20 October 2011 an African dictator was killed by insurgents in his own country. What was his name?

Which year did a huge tsunami sweep through many parts of Asia whilst many tourists were on their Christmas break in the area?

How many people were killed by the big tsunami in Asia in 2004?

Which European country has the longest, unbroken monarchy?

Which year did the Space Shuttle Columbia crash on its 28th voyage?