18th Century History Quiz

This history quiz tests your historical knowledge and contains questions on topics from the 18th century.

18th Century

Questions in this Quiz

Which job had the legendary pirate Black Bart on board the slave ship Princess, before he became pirate?

Which highwayman was immortalised by the novelist William Answorth in his novel "Rookwood" from 1834?

In 1799, one of Napoleon's soldiers found a stone making it possible to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. What is the famous stone called?

According to a persistent rumour, George Washington had teeth made out of wood. An examination has shown that his false teeth were made out of a different material altogether. Which one?

What was the name of the British ship which in 1789 became the scene of a famous mutiny?

Who led the mutiny on the Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty on 28 April 1789?

Who lead the army during the American Revolution 1775-1783 and was also involved in writing the new American constitution?

Who invented the neck tie?

Which profession did Joseph Ignace Guillotin, after whom the guillotine is named, have?

The guillotine was first placed in front of the Tuileries on Place du Carrousel in August 1792. How many people has it since 'helped' decapitate in France?

The French physician Joseph Ignace gave his name to what item associated with the French revolution?

Where was James Cook killed by locals after a fight over an unimportant item?

What was the name of the ship James Cook used for his first voyage?

What was the name of the British explorer who became the first European to explore Australia's east coast?

Who proved that there was a strait between Siberia and North America?

Which strait is named after the marine officer Vitus Bering?

From which country was Vitus Bering?

Who sent Vitus Jonassen Bering to explore the eastern parts of Russia?

Which year did the USA get its first president?

Which US president is the only not to have resided in the White House in Washington, D.C.?

Who was the first American president?

What was the little island in Polynesia called where the Bounty mutineers settled?

When did the first British convicts arrive in New South Wales in Australia?