Sport Quiz: Scandals

This sport quiz contains questions and answers about scandals in sport.


Questions in this Quiz

What is the big doping scandal that hit Tour de France in 1998 called?

Who was withdrawn from the 2007 Tour de France whilst leading the race?

Gonzales Arrieta and Leonardo Sierre got kicked out of which race after an unfortunate fist fight?

Why was Banesto's Gonzales Arrieta kicked out of the Vuelta in 1995?

Which professional road cyclist collided with a dog on the French roads in 2007, resulting in a broken wheel?

Tony Rominger never finished his last Tour de France. Why?

Who won two stages in Tour de France 2008, but later tested positive for doping?

Who was suspended from the Tour in 2008 after having won two stages?

Who took Michael Rasmussen out of Tour de France 2007, when he was leading the race?

Who was caught for using doping in 2008, thus also losing his victory in the 'King of the Mountains' competition in Tour de France?

Which team withdrew from Tour de France 2007 after a case about blood-doping?

Which Astana rider was blood-doped when he won the 13th stage of Tour de France 2007?

What year were Basso and Ullrich excluded from Tour de France following OperaciĆ³n Puerto?

What was the Spanish doctor called, who was behind blood doping of Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, amongst others?

What doping scandal hit Tour de France in 2006?

What sort of doping was OperaciĆ³n Puerto, which hit Tour de France in 2006, about?

Which cylist won, but later lost, the 2006 Tour de France?

Why was Floyd Landis stripped off his 2006 victory in Tour de France?

Which former Tour de France winner died in 2004 from an overdosis of cocaine?

For which team did Willy Voet work when he was stopped with various doping drugs under the 1998 Tour de France?