Which "Batman" film does Drew Barrymore appear in?

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Which "Batman" film does Drew Barrymore appear in?

Batman Forever


Drew Barrymore (born 1975) is an American actress. She already became famous aged 7, when she played the little girl in Steven Spielberg's "E.T". She appeared in only a handful films as a teenager, but made a strong comeback in the 1990s where she appeared in "Batman Forever", "Everyone Says I Love You" and not least the comedy "The Wedding Singer", where she stars opposite Adam Sandler. They also worked together in "50 First Dates" from 2004. In general, Barrymore only does comedies, although she does have a role as an activist in the 2012 family film "Big Miracle". Barrymore hosted "Saturday Night Live" aged 7 - the youngest host ever.


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