Which famous actress is the daughter of Jon Voight?

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Which famous actress is the daughter of Jon Voight?

Angelina Jolie


The American actor Jon Voight (born 1938) is to many people primarily known for being the father of the actress Angelina Jolie. However, he also has an acting career in his own rights. He started his career on the small screen back in the 1960s and broke through on the big screen in 1969 with the film "Midnight Cowboy", for which Voight was also nominated for his first Academy Award. Nine years later, in 1978, he finally won for the film "Coming Home". Since then, he has featured in films such as "Mission Impossible" and "Heat". Many will also recognise him for his role as Nicolas Cage's father in the "National Treasure" films. Voight's grandfather was of Slovak descent.


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