Which actor is shot by Jessie Eisenberg in "Zombieland"?

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Which actor is shot by Jessie Eisenberg in "Zombieland"?

Bill Murray


Bill Murray (born 1950) is an American comedian and actor. Murray took pre-med courses at university but quickly found out that he had a real talent for entertainment and started doing radio. He quickly got a role on "Saturday Night Live" ands soon after started doing film also. In the 1980s he had success with "Ghostbusters". Murray tends to stick to comedy, but also occasionally takes on a more serious role. Examples are "Lost in Translation" from 2003, which takes place in Tokyo, or his role in Jim Jarmusch' 2005 film "Broken Flowers". Since then he has returned to comedy, such as with the film "Zombieland" from 2009, where he plays himself and gets shot by Jessie Eisenberg in his own house. Bill Murray accidentally broke Robert De Niro's nose during the taping of "Mad Dog and Glory" in 1003.


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