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In 2008 we plugged in the power to our world of online quizzes to users all over the World. Since 2010 we have creatively crafted more than 100 apps for individuals, friends, families and kids and enlightened over 3 million users worldwide.


We believe that everybody should have to the possibility to play to learn. Our games feature beautiful, colourful images, great sound effects and intuitive interfaces.

Quizstone.com is a homepage with a wide selection of questions which challenge the user’s general knowledge within a set of different categories. Behind the project is a Scandinavian company, QuizStone ApS, owned by a family, which is crazy about quizzing. Our target group is people who share our passion.

There are more than twenty categories of questions which cover a broad array of topics. However, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions that can help develop QuizStone in the direction our users want. It is also our users who help find mistakes or old questions that have gone out of date. This, in combination with our own quality controls, ensures that our questions are always up-to-date and relevant.

QuizStone is a quiz homepage, and not an encyclopedia. The accuracy of questions and answers thus cannot be guaranteed, and we encourage you to also find information elsewhere.


The QuizStone Team
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