Sex Quiz

This is a quiz for the one who wants to know more about sex. The quiz contains information about sex within the subjects of anatomy, STD, facts, quotes, animals sexual behaviour and much more.

Sex Quiz

Questions in this Quiz

How do most of the girls who want an abortion explain how they got pregnant in the first place?

Which of the following women was one of the first women world-wide to own a vibrator?

Which sex toy did Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville patent in 1880?

What made one of the world's first vibrators for sexual stimulation vibrate?

How many calories do you approximately burn during 20 minutes of normal, sexual activity?

Which of the following is the worst explanation for not wanting to have sex?

What is released in the brain during intercourse, efficient at e.g. treating head-aches?

Which of the following animals can reproduce itself without a sexual act?

Which of the following women is, statistically speaking, most interested in a one night stand

Which of the following slang expressions describes a sexual encounter that only takes place one night?

Who most often regrets a one night stand?

What normally happens to a man's penis when his favourite football team scores?

According to Playboy Magazine, in which month do most Americans lose their virginity?

Which chemical factor, which is attractive to the opposite sex, is secreted by the body during increased sexual activity?

Which of the following is a marker to the surrounding individuals?

How many litres of semen will a man have produced in his life if he has been sexually mature for 70 years?

How many marathons can a man weighing 70 kilos run on the energy of the semen he will produce throughout his life?

Which of the following words means 'to throw up' in Latin?

How many eggs will a woman, who has been sexually mature for 40 years, have ovulated throughout her life?

Which of the following can you do if you want to improve your sexual performance?

Which of the following ingredients do you probably want to side-step if you are putting together what is commonly perceived to be a seductive meal?

Which of the following ingredients would you typically chose if you were to put together a seductive meal?

Which famous womanizer is said to have used linen condoms when seducing his conquests?

Which of the following did the American GIs use during WW2 to proect the tips of their rifles against salt water?

How thick is an average condom?

What material were the first legal condoms in the US made out of?

According to a WHO publication from 2006, which effect has sex education in European schools had?

Which of the following European countries was the first to introduce mandatory sex education in school?

Which of the following countries was in 2011 the only one to have obligatory sex education in schools?

Which of the following countries was the last to introduce obligatory sex education in schools?

According to the Book of Genesis, who was obliged to impregnate his brother's widow?

From where does the word "onanism", another term for masturbation, come?

What is "ithyphallophia" the fear of?

Which of the following phobias describes the phobia of an erect penis?

How long does an orgasm last for a female pig (a sow)?

What effect does the orgasm have for the sperm in female mammal's inner genitals?

Which shape does the penis of a male pig (a boar) have?

What do you enjoy if you have the fetish "formicophilia"?

If you have sex one or twice a week the body's production of immunoglobulin A is increased. What does this antibody influence?

Which of the following is sex said to be able to protect the body against?

How many years younger does sexual activity on average make people look?

How does kissing influence the inner environment of the mouth?

In ancient civilizations, removal of the human penis of fallen enemies was sometimes used as a means of what?

Which part of the female body is named after Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg?

Which year was it proven that the G-spot in a woman's vagina exists?

According to early Christian traditions, what was a newly-married couple supposed to show off the day after the wedding night?

What is the hormone 'oxyticin' also known as?

Which of the following hormones which affects e.g. our trustfulness and generosity, is emitted during e.g. a long hug?

To which side do most people tip their head when kissing?

Which of the following areas on the body is normally as sensitive as our upper lip?